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  • Welcome to Taft Community School!
     !Bienvenidos a la Escuela Comunitaria de Taft!

    Mission Statement: We are Taft Community School.Our students, parents,staff, and community members work together to ensure every student meets or exceeds academic standards in a safe and caring environment.Building on diverse backgrounds, providing educational opportunities and resources, and fostering successful learning experiences, we are dedicated to being lifelong learners and contributing members of a global society.

    School Overview: Taft Community School offers a rich learning community where academic rigor is combined with science enrichment, art, singing, instrumental music, dance, gardening and environmental studies, field trips, social justice projects, and after school programs. Taft has outstanding teachers and staff who have help students make academic progress at a rate achieved by only a handful of schools in the state of California. Taft promotes student success by focusing on the broad community context in which eduction and learning happen. The fundamental belief guiding this approach is a conviction that schools, families, and communities can work together for their common good. As a community school, Taft draws from several disciplines such as education, community development and youth development.

    The principal and teachers at Taft firmly believe that all children can and will learn given the right environment.  The staff operates on the principle that that it takes time and perseverance to discover the different learning styles of a diverse group of students, but that it does happen.  Careful planning, collaboration and communication are the keys to student success.

    The curriculum at Taft Community School complements the California Standards curriculum, and the school focuses on exemplary staff development, high achievement expectations, and addressing each student's needs. The Taft community believes that each individual student can perform at grade level or above and will progress academically throughout the year. All instruction and assessments are aligned with the California State Standards and each child is provided with the necessary support to help them access our standards-based curriculum. The staff is dedicated to providing a strong supportive, enriching learning environment that is designed to give students the best opportunity for success, both in school and in their futures.

    You can read more detailed information about Taft Community School in its Comprehensive Schoolwide Program Plan (SPSA),  and in its School Accountability Report Card (SARC).

    Change is Good: We recently updated our school website, and we are very excited about some of the new features we can now offer parents, staff and the community. To read about some new and exciting features that we will be implementing, click here.

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