Weekly News April 15-April 19

Posted by Katherine Rivera on 4/14/2019 9:00:00 AM

School Calendar

Apr 17 Dine Out at Crouching Tiger Fundraiser

Apr 18 The NED Show Mindset Assembly 

Apr 18  PTA at 6:00pm - All parents invited


Apr 20 School Site Council 8:30am

Apr 22 8:15am Volunteer Recognition Followed by Appreciation Breakfast

Apr 25 5:30-7:00pm STEAM Festival Community Event

Apr 30  8:30am ELAC in the library

Transition Meeting Summary for the 2019-20 School Year

Next year the school will host two innovative and unique programs, Orion Alternative and Mandarn Immersion. Parent leaders from both Orion and current John Gill Schools have been meeting over the past month to develop an initial plan that brings the two schools together to build one strong community where all children thrive in a joyful environment. Some of the work the transition team has done:

  • Work together as one Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) Orion and Mandarin Immersion programs with participate  and make decisons together
  • Identified parent leaders elected from current school site to serve their second term in the 2019-20 on the new School Site Council
  • Scheduled for next school year major community building events both on and off school site from August - December 2019

I want to thank the parents and teachers for serving on the transition team for their courage, patience and trust in working together to make two current school programs one strong community.

Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast

On Monday, April 22 all volunteers are invited to our Volunteer Recognition Assembly at 8:15am followed by an appreciation breakfast in the staff room. We appreciate all you do for the John Gill Community. 

The Orion Parent Outreach team will attend our volunteer appreciation breakfast. They will be on hand to answer questions about the Orion Alternative Program and share their perspective the benefits of an alternative program. Volunteers from Orion speak both English and Spanish.