Principal's Newsletter 2/19/18

Posted by Christine Hiltbrand on 2/22/2018 3:50:00 PM

Principal’s Message

I often reflect on how happy it makes me to be Adelante’s school leader. Today I was able to pinpoint a specific contributor to this… It’s laughter.  As I write this, I hear Claudia and Mayra laughing in the office. I can hear Sabrina laughing with two teachers in the workroom.  I constantly hear laughter in the recess yard and in the classrooms.   While serious dedication is a prime factor in student learning, student and staff happiness is also an essential component. Positive intent, positive energy and positive spirit are the defining attributes of our school. We are truly an amazing community. Thank you for your contributions to our students and teachers- as parents, you inspire us to work hard and to enjoy our perseverance in achieving student success in our dual immersion program. Thank you for your support! 


The character trait we are focusing on in February is Friendship.

Fri. 2/23         Free Dress Day- Valentine’s colors!

Mon. 2/26      Kinder/1rst grade Dance performance 5:15- 7:30

Mon. 3/5        ELAC mtg at 8:15 AM

Tues. 3/6       Unidos mtg. at 6PM

Mon. 3/12      Week of parent conferences: minimum day schedule all week

Tues. 3/13     School Site Council mtg. at 5:00 PM

Wed. 3/14     Family Night Out at Galeotti's Pizza 4-9 PM

Thurs. 3/22   STEM Fair 5:30- 7:30

Fri. 3/23         Coffee with Directora

Fri. 3/23         Free Dress Day

Sat. 3/24        Auction Day- mark your calendar!

Kinder/1rst grade Dance performance

The world’s cutest show will be held on Monday, Feb. 26th.   It is the kindergarten and first grade dance show. The show starts at 6:30. Students need to be at the venue at 5:15. We will start seating audience members at about 6:15. Please be sure to bring clothing appropriate to the weather as you wait outdoors for entry into the auditorium.

 For 5th Grade Parents

The Kennedy Middle School principal, Sabrina Adler, will be meeting with Adelante parents on Thursday, March 29th, at 6:00, to discuss the program for our immersion students. Please mark your calendars to attend this informational meeting.

 Nut-free School

Adelante has students with nut allergies in every grade level. There are varying degrees of severity in these allergies- some are life-threatening. All grade levels have students switching rooms across the school day, and during the afterschool program. You may have seen the ‘No Nuts’ signs in your student’s homeroom class. We need for all parents to be cognizant of the ‘No Nuts’ rule across our campus. Please be vigilant about all the food you send to our campus, both for parties and for your child’s lunch. We want to secure the safety of all of our students. Thank you for your support.

 New State Assessment for English Language Proficiency Begins This Month

This school year, students who have been identified as EL students will participate in the English Language Proficiency Assessments for California (ELPAC) Summative Assessment. The ELPAC replaces the California English Language Development Test (CELDT), which is the current required state assessment for English language proficiency that must be given to students who are classified as English learners (EL). Our school district’s testing window for this school year is scheduled for February 1 to March 30, 2018. The ELPAC Summative Assessment is used to measure the skills of our students in listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Results from the ELPAC will help our teachers identify the areas in which our students need additional support. Identifying the needs is important in order to provide students with the additional tools to be successful in English language arts/literacy, mathematics, science, and other subject areas in school.

 Punctuality Contest Results

The punctuality contest ended last week. Thank you for your support in getting your student/s to school punctually! We count on you to make every day a punctual one for our little ones!  Prizes:

- The class with the highest punctuality rate was Room 18, Maestra Rita’s 4th grade class. Over the course of 20 days, they had only 3 tardies. They and their families will have a pizza and movie night with me on Friday, 3/9.

- We have 6 classes that earned a pizza luncheon. These classes never exceeded 2 tardies in a day, and their total tardies for the month were low. The winners are: M. Garcia’s kindergarten class, Alondra’s 3rd grade class, M. Elanor’s 4th grade class and all 3 fifth grade classes!

- We will also be acknowledging all the students who were at school on time for all days of the contest. These students will receive a slap bracelet.

Congratulations to all!

 STEM Fair

We are planning an exciting evening of hands-on activities of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) on Thursday, March 22, 5:30-7:30pm.  This is a fantastic way to get students engaged about these topics, and to engage with the community!  But we need volunteers to make it happen. All levels of participation and background welcomed. If you would like to help plan this event or volunteer at the event, please contact Rory Sayres (

The Family/School Compact

For this newsletter, the focus of our family compact is about attending required school conferences.  Adelante will be conducting family conferences during the week of March 12. By the Redwood City Teachers Association contract, the spring conferences are mandatory for families of students who are below grade level, and are optional for families of students who are at grade level. You will be receiving conference sign-ups from your teacher/s shortly. Please respond to your teacher’s communication promptly. As an administrator of an elementary school, I recommend that all parents schedule a meeting with their teacher to discuss student progress.

Coding Club Volunteers Needed

Thanks to a volunteer parent, Adelante will be re-initiating the Coding Club for upper grade students. In order to offer the program to both fourth and fifth grade students, we need parent volunteers. If you are interested in helping, please contact Holly Lindquist at (858) 752-4453.