Attendance Procedures

  1. The parent or guardian should make a telephone call to the school at 482-2406 by 8:30 a.m. the day of the absence. The following information is required:

    a. Parent/guardian’s name b. Student’s name c. Reason for absence d. Date of absence

  2. If the student has been absent and no call has been made, then the student must bring a written note (date, reason, days of absence, and signature) to school upon their return. 

  3. Students arriving at school after school starts must check with the office for a tardy slip. 

  4. If a student visits a doctor, written verification should be provided to the office.

  5. Students with excessive absences/tardies will be referred to the School Site SARB. Please observe the following: 

If you plan to take your child out of school for five (5) or more days (i.e. out-of-town trip), please let their teacher and the office know at least two weeks in advance. An independent study contract may be set up which will help maintain the continuity in your child’s education. Please see the independent study information.

Parents are urged to schedule medical appointments in the afternoon or non-school hours.

Students physically present on campus every day on time are eligible for perfect attendance.

Attendance Regulations: Authorized Absences* – 20A student absence is excused for the following main reasons: 1. Illness or injury 2. Quarantine 3. Medical, dental, optometry, or chiropractic appointment 4. Funeral of immediate family

*See RCSD District Board Policy for complete details of absences.