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The Student, Teacher, and Family During the Student Goal-Setting Conference

The Student, Teacher, and Family During the Student Goal-Setting Conference

Redwood City School District’s (RCSD) newly formatted Student Goal-Setting Conferences create an exciting opportunity for students to take on a larger role in the meeting as a means of having more agency in their learning path. 

The Student:

Rather than the “reporting” style of traditional conferences, the student’s role is to take ownership of their learning. Students are encouraged to make–and share–goals for personal and academic growth. They are active participants in the goal-setting process.


The Family:

Families can support their students by providing input on their child’s strengths, areas of growth, and interests, as well as motivating children to push toward meeting goals with a growth mindset. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate as active listeners and as advocates for their students.


The Teacher:

Teachers will facilitate discussion about the student’s goals and offer suggestions for further resources that can help the student. Teachers will guide the student in setting realistic and achievable goals related to their school experience. Teachers will provide feedback on the student’s progress and help identify areas of improvement. 

Research shows that student goal setting proves to be a highly effective tool, with students making larger strides in achievement. 

Student Goal Setting Conferences take place the week of Oct. 23-27. Please check your school site for Super Minimum Day schedules.