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Superintendent Dr. John Baker Named Superintendent of the Year

Superintendent Dr. John Baker Named Superintendent of the Year

In a testament to his lifelong dedication to education and his transformative impact on students’ lives, Superintendent Dr. John Baker has been named Superintendent of the Year. The honor was presented to him by the California Association of School Administrators (ACSA), Region 5, which serves San Francisco and San Mateo Counties.

“Dr. Baker’s recognition as Superintendent of the Year is a testament to his commitment to our students and transformative leadership in our district,” says Board of Trustees President Janet Lawson. “As a Trustee, I’ve witnessed firsthand his tireless devotion to equity in education. This honor is well-deserved, and I am proud to collaborate with such an exceptional leader.”

Dr. Baker has led Redwood City School District (RCSD) as Superintendent of Schools since 2015. 

The Region 5 ACSA members celebrated Dr. Baker and other San Mateo County school administrators during a recognition event held in South San Francisco in April. 

In describing Dr. Baker's leadership, the nomination submitted to ACSA read:

"One of Superintendent Baker's standout qualities is his ability to collaborate effectively with all stakeholders creating a harmonious and supportive educational ecosystem." 

Trustees, District Leaders, and Family Celebrate Dr. Baker's Recognition

Trustees, District leaders, and family celebrate with Superintendent Baker during the "Celebration of Leadership" event in which all ACSA Region 5 honorees were celebrated

Initially pursuing a career in political science inspired by his father’s footsteps as a corporate attorney, Dr. Baker’s path took an unexpected turn during his college years at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). It was there, while tutoring students in East Los Angeles as part of community service requirements, that he discovered his true calling in early childhood education and Spanish. Recognizing the potential to impact students’ lives profoundly, he switched his major.

Dr. Baker has since devoted the entirety of his career to Redwood City children. Four decades ago, he started teaching as a young Kindergarten educator at Garfield School, where he forged strong connections with the community. He expanded his impact by teaching students across various grade levels, leaving a lasting impression on their educational journeys.

He served as an assistant principal at the then Selby Lane School and eventually rose to the position of principal at both Selby Lane and Hoover schools. 

Dr. Baker’s ascent within the Redwood City School District continued as he took on important roles at the District Office, where he served as director, assistant superintendent, and deputy superintendent. 

His visionary leadership, collaborative approach, and unwavering dedication to student success were increasingly recognized, culminating in his appointment as Superintendent in 2015.

Locally, the RCSD community came together to celebrate Superintendent Dr. John Baker's recognition. Teachers, staff, and leaders alike came together in a heartwarming display of appreciation for his unwavering dedication and transformative leadership. The community honored Dr. Baker's tireless commitment to excellence in education. 

Trustees, teachers, and leaders with Superintendent Baker

The RCSD community celebrates Superintendent Baker.
Pictured L-R: Trustee Mike Wells; Trustee Janet Lawson; Associate Director of Special Education Jude Noyes; Henry Ford Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Pam Barash; Superintendent Dr. John Baker; Henry Ford Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Amy Barstad; and Henry Ford Elementary School Kindergarten Teacher Deborah Figaro


Board Trustees Lawson and Wells introduce Superintendent Baker

Board President Janet Lawson and Board Vice President Mike Wells introduce Superintendent Dr. John Baker 


Superintendent Baker thanks the RCSD community

Dr. Baker thanks the RCSD community for their support

As the largest organization of school leaders in the United States, the Association of California School Administrators advocates for public school students in kindergarten through grade 12, as well as adult learners. Formed in 1971, ACSA serves administrators in 19 regions throughout California with San Mateo and San Francisco counties making up Region 5.