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State Coalition Honors Three RCSD Schools for Support and Care for Students During COVID-19


Teachers and support staff at three Redwood City School District (RCSD) schools were recently honored for their hard work to support and care for students during the disruptions caused by COVID-19. The California PBIS Coalition honored Clifford School, Hoover Community School, and Kennedy Middle School. 

The California PBIS Coalition is a collaborative organization that supports California schools with implementation of the Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support (PBIS) program. PBIS is an all encompassing approach to social, emotional, and behavior support with an aim to improve outcomes for all students at school and beyond. 

In notifying the schools of their recognition, the California PBIS Coalition wrote, “Your heroic efforts to provide support of all kinds to California’s students, families, and communities did not go unnoticed.” 

Antonio Pérez, RCSD director of data and student services, who oversees PBIS in RCSD schools, echoes that sentiment. Mr. Pérez shares, “We are very proud of all teachers and staff at all 12 RCSD schools who quickly moved to continue delivering services to our students and their families during this unprecedented time. We appreciate the California PBIS Coalition for recognizing our work.”

The PBIS program is implemented at all 12 RCSD schools.