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RCSD Unveils New Unified Logo Following Collaborative Redesign Project

RCSD Unveils New Unified Logo Following Collaborative Redesign Project

Redwood City School District (RCSD) has deployed a new chapter of unity and identity with the introduction of an updated district logo.

This moment follows an inclusive and collaborative effort under the guidance of a districtwide committee, composed of parents, teachers, staff, and trustees, unfolding through a series of meticulous steps. The committee provided crucial insights into the district’s culture, history, and educational experience, laying the foundation for the redesign process for the visual representation of the district.

The RCSD logo, which last saw an update in the 1990s, underwent a thorough redesign process aimed at modernization and cohesion. Guided by the district’s leadership and supported by the Board of Trustees, the initiative aimed not only to refresh the district emblem, but also to unify the logos of all 12 schools under one cohesive brand.

The committee provided to the design firm working with the district crucial insights into the district’s culture, history, and educational experience, laying the foundation for the redesign process. The committee emphasized characteristics of the district’s organizational culture--accepting, welcoming, caring, community, diverse, inclusive, innovative, and supportive. These principles served as guiding pillars throughout the redesign process, ensuring that the new logo truly reflected the essence of the RCSD community.


RCSD's Updated Logo

Integral to the new design is the incorporation of symbolic elements that enclose the district’s rich history and forward-looking vision. The prominent arch featured in the logo pays homage to the architectural heritage of the historic buildings on the school campuses, characterized by the distinctive “Spanish Revival” architectural style. Serving as a welcoming window into Redwood City, the arch represents inclusivity and openness, with the tree symbolizing the schools nestled amidst the hills and the water depicting the Bay where the Bayside schools are situated.

The contrast between the traditional arch and the modern depiction of the tree and water encapsulates the narrative of the district’s evolution. It speaks to the seamless blend of heritage and innovation, with the rich history serving as the foundation upon which the district prepares students for success in high school, college, and beyond.

Additionally, the logo proudly displays the date of the district’s establishment in 1895, further honoring its storied legacy and enduring commitment to educational excellence.

The unveiling of the new RCSD logo signifies more than just a visual transformation; it embodies a collective vision for a future defined by unity, resilience, and progress. 

RCSD Superintendent Dr. John Baker said, “This logo represents not only who we are but also who we aspire to be—a community of learners, innovators, and leaders.”

The journey toward updating the logos began in the spring of 2022 when the district issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the logo redesign project. After careful consideration, the district enlisted the expertise of Small Hat Studio, a creative design firm based in Dallas, Texas.

Using the parameters set by the Logo Redesign Committee, the logos of all 12 schools also were updated and unified, ensuring that the unique identities of the schools were preserved within the overarching district brand.

The unveiling of the new RCSD logo marks the culmination of months of collaboration, creativity, and community engagement. It symbolizes not only a visual transformation, but also a renewed sense of unity and pride within RCSD.

Graphic of logos from all 12 schools. The graphic says: "RCSD’s  new unified logo  collaborative redesign project".