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RCSD Students in Action: Climate Resilience and Creativity Come Together

Thinking green and thinking globally, Redwood City School District (RCSD) students made waves in a recent city-sponsored Climate Action and Climate Resiliency Video Contest. 

Five middle schoolers from Clifford School and North Star Academy submitted short videos for the contest which is “designed to bring climate action and adaptation awareness to the children of Redwood City,” according to the Redwood City Outreach and Education organizers’ web page.

In a minute or less, each student shared facts and helpful information about how the climate can be affected by humans–and gave solutions to ensure a safer, greener environment. The theme for this year’s contest was “Climate Action for a Resilient City. 

Middle School students throughout Redwood City had the opportunity to share their knowledge and ideas with the video shorts. 

RCSD students created colorful videos about reef-safe sunscreens, recycling and reducing plastic items for cleaner beaches, using solar energy in place of fossil fuels, and the dramatic story of “Marvin the Water Bottle” and his potential future.

RCSD winners of the 2022 Climate Action and Climate Resiliency Video Contest:

Kaitlin Wang (Clifford) – Citywide & Clifford School 1st place

Katie LaTorra and Tasha Tamm (Clifford) – Citywide 2nd place

Gabriel Semke (Clifford) – Citywide 3rd place

Isabelle Ling – North Star Academy 1st place

RCSD students are well versed in innovation and problem solving by way of cross-curriculum  initiatives, such as STEAM and Outdoor Classrooms, which help them build on their strengths and talents as the difference makers of tomorrow.