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RCSD Celebrates 2024 Induction Colloquium with 12 Graduates

RCSD Celebrates 2024 Induction Colloquium with 12 Graduates

Redwood City School District (RCSD) celebrated the 2024 Induction Colloquium, marking the graduation of 12 educators from the program. The event saw Superintendent Dr. John Baker, Members of the Board of Trustees, and district leaders applauding the achievements of the graduating teachers.

The RCSD Induction Program is a vital component in the journey of educators towards attaining tenure. Mandated by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), this program plays a crucial role in clearing preliminary credentials for teachers in the State of California. With a focus on mentorship and professional development, the two-year program provides essential support, guidance, and orientation for first-year teachers.

Teachers from Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School and Henry Ford Elementary School

Pictured L-R: 2024 Graduate Maribel Prado Parenti, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School; Induction Mentor Cinthya Alvarez De Kanaday, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School; Induction Mentor Stacey Koolpe; Henry Ford Elementary School; and 1st Year Candidate Ruth Rubenstein, Hoover Community School


Reflecting on the significance of the occasion, Director of New Teacher Induction, Nichole Crawford, remarked:

“The Induction Colloquium is a momentous occasion where we recognize the hard work and dedication of our educators. These graduates have demonstrated their commitment to excellence, and our students are the direct beneficiaries of their expertise and passion for teaching.” --Nichole Crawford, Director of New Teacher Induction

Trustees congratulate teacher graduates

School Board Trustees congratulate Hoover Community School Teacher and 2024 Induction Graduate Noelia Navarro Escudero

Superintendent Dr. John Baker expressed his pride in the accomplishments of the graduating teachers, emphasizing the pivotal role they play in shaping the future of RCSD students. “The Induction Program is not just about fulfilling requirements; it’s about cultivating exceptional educators who will inspire and empower generations to come,” Dr. Baker remarked.

“I commend each of our graduates for their perseverance and dedication to their profession.” --Superintendent Dr. John Baker

Superintendent Baker joins Orion Aternative Principal Winnie Wong and teachers

Superintendent Dr. John Baker joins Orion Alternative Elementary School Principal Winnie Wong and Orion Alternative teachers

This year’s cohort of graduates joins the ranks of esteemed educators who have successfully completed the rigorous requirements of the Induction Program. Their dedication and commitment to their craft were celebrated by school principals, district officials, and fellow educators alike.

RCSD’s 2024 Induction Graduates:

  • Stephany Acevedo Delgado--Roosevelt School

  • Maria Jose Alarcon Amador--Garfield Community School

  • Perla Aramburu--Kennedy Middle School 

  • Renee Beckwith--Clifford School

  • Sandhya Bhaskar--Kennedy Middle School

  • Xuan (Rita) Deng--Orion Alternative Elementary School

  • Maria Moraleda Sanchez--Garfield Community School 

  • Ashley Miller--Roosevelt School

  • Noelia Navarro Escudero--Hoover Community School

  • Maribel Prado Parenti--Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School 

  • Nan Wu--Hoover Community School 

  • Yuqing Xia--Kennedy Middle School

RCSD’s 1st Year Induction Participants:

  • Nicole Alger--Taft Community School 

  • Argon Amboy--Kennedy Middle School 

  • Brittany Benedict--Garfield Community School 

  • Madison Carrasco--Hoover Community School 

  • Laura Covington--McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)

  • Gabriel Font Salom--Garfield Community School 

  • Karen Hinojosa--Roy Cloud School

  • Gabrielle Kitchen--Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School

  • Liujing Lin--Orion Alternative Elementary School 

  • Jake Mauldin--Hoover Community School 

  • Frida Miranda Lopez--Garfield Community School 

  • Emma Parsons--Roosevelt School

  • Ruth Rubenstein--Hoover Community School 

  • Cassandra Schaffer--Kennedy Middle School

  • Jennifer Sharratt--Orion Alternative Elementary School

  • Yidan Sun--North Star Academy 

  • Zaira Moncerrat Viadero Nava--Taft Community School

  • Maozhu Zhao--Roy Cloud School

  • Matthew Zung--Hoover Community School 

The Induction Colloquium serves as a testament to the ongoing commitment of RCSD to provide quality education and support for its educators. As these graduates embark on the next phase of their teaching careers, they carry with them the knowledge, skills, and passion necessary to make a meaningful impact in the lives of their students.

RCSD looks forward to witnessing the continued growth and success of its educators as they strive to create nurturing and inclusive learning environments for all students.

Teachers during the 2024 induction colloquium

Pictured L-R: 1st Year Candidate Teacher Gabriel Font Salom, Garfield Community School; 2024 Induction Graduate Maria Jose Alarcon Amador, Garfield Community School; and Teacher Mentor Raquel Fiz, Hoover Community School