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New Partnership Adds to District’s Innovative Teacher Pipelines

New Partnership Adds to District’s Innovative Teacher Pipelines


With an eye toward the future, Redwood City School District (RCSD) is partnering with rising educators from San Jose State University (SJSU) through a unique Bilingual Residency Program. The multifaceted program recruits and retains enthusiastic teachers to our already accomplished and gifted team.

The Bilingual Residency partnership offers SJSU student teachers the opportunity to join our award-winning language programs and schools through hands-on classroom practicum and mentorship. The Residency Program champions ongoing dedication to helping RCSD students become biliterate leaders while attracting talented educators to the District.

The District serves families from diverse backgrounds, with more than 35 languages spoken at home, and proudly offers Bilingual Education in Spanish, Dual Language Immersion in Spanish and Mandarin Immersion. A need for qualified bilingual teachers will grow in the coming years and RCSD will be prepared.

As part of a partnership with San José State, RCSD will contribute to tuition, books, and include a $5,000 stipend. Bilingual Residency graduates will make a teaching commitment of at least four years following completion of the program.

The partnership with San José State is in addition to the already established Teach RCSD program in which individuals with a bachelor’s degree can begin work with children with special needs while earning a teaching credential and a master’s degree in education. The successful Teach RCSD program is in partnership with the Alder Graduate School of Education.

Recent research and data shows that RCSD’s dual language immersion (DLI) program at the elementary level helps students "reach high levels of linguistic proficiency and academic achievement." 

The Bilingual Residency Program paves the way for a future of trained Bilingual Educators that will support RCSD in making a difference in the lives of children and their families.  

Strategic partnerships between local colleges and RCSD continue a longstanding tradition of building a motivated and dynamic cohort which benefits students and teaching staff alike.

San José State students majoring in education who are interested in the Bilingual Residency Program can contact Liz Wolfe, Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services, at Individuals who already hold a bachelor’s degree and are interested in switching careers to become a special education teacher with RCSD can contact Alder Graduate School of Education Talent and Admissions: In addition to teaching positions, the district is always looking for great candidates to fill a variety of support positions. Interested candidates can apply online.