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Meet the Class of 2022

Meet the Class of 2022

Optimistic, digital-first, and diverse are some of the words commonly used to describe the youngest end of Generation Z. The 2022 graduating class of Redwood City School District (RCSD) certainly displays those positive attributes and more. Globally-minded and eager to collaborate on the next big idea, students completing their eighth-grade year have their eyes on bright futures and are ready to make a difference in an ever-changing world.

Congratulations to the RCSD class of 2022–a generation of innovation, kindness, and action!

Hazel Crofts, Clifford School

Class of 2022: Hazel Crofts, Clifford School

Headed to Sequoia High School next year, Hazel has always enjoyed math and science but

looks forward to trying out many different classes. 

“I like math because I feel like it’s a puzzle–like I get to solve something,” she said. “I’m interested in architecture as a possible career but I would like to take lots of electives in high school to explore. I think cooking and baking will be particularly fun.”

A long-time soccer player and violinist since the second grade, Hazel has also been in all of Clifford School’s plays during her time there.

Hazel keeps words of wisdom from her mother in her mind as she tries new things and stretches her skillset. 

“My mom has always encouraged me to try my best and not give up,” she said. 

Beyond academics, Hazel expressed that taking things on with a hopeful demeanor is important to her.

“I want to be known for a positive attitude and for looking at the bright side of things.”

Rosi Martínez, Garfield Community School

Class of 2022: Rosi Martínez, Garfield Community School

Dynamic and determined, Rosi is on her way to Summit Everest High School in just a few short months. She likes a little bit of everything academically but said math, language arts, and art are her favorites.

“Math can be difficult but you get to learn and language arts is great because you get to read,” she said. “I like art class because I am good at drawing realistic drawings.”

When asked about the future, Rosi is very certain about what direction she is headed.

“My goal is to get a scholarship for college and learn to become a veterinarian,” she said. “I would like to be seen as helpful when I grow up.”

Rosi said that her time at Garfield Community School has taught her a lot about reaching for success.

“All of my teachers are inspiring,” she said. “They don’t pressure me but they help me succeed every day.”

Daiana López, Hoover Community School

Class of 2022: Daiana López, Hoover Community School

Since Daiana was a small child she has wanted to be in law enforcement. Following attending

Sequoia High School, she looks forward to pursuing that lifelong career goal.

“I’ve always wanted to be a police officer,” she said. “I've always been interested in it. I want to be known for helping people.”

At Hoover, she has been most interested in History and ELA, citing her teacher Mr. Sugar as an inspiration. 

“He’s always encouraging me to do my best,” Daiana said. “I’ve learned that it’s not always about being smart or getting good grades–it’s about trying your hardest.”

A diligent student, she also spends hours with paint brush in hand using acrylics purchased to beat boredom. A new hobby quickly became a passion. 

“I can do landscapes or whatever I think about,” she said. “Whatever I can imagine.”

Aaron Sánchez, Kennedy Middle School

Class of 2022: Aaron Sánchez, Kennedy Middle School

Enthralled by music but likewise interested in diverse subjects, Aaron is making his way to Woodside High School in fall.

“I really enjoy math. I really like the challenge and using my brain,” he said. “I enjoy reading and writing too. I like creativity and taking ideas to make a story. However, my main focus is music.”

Aaron has been playing piano since the third grade and picked up flute in the sixth grade. He prefers jazz and classical music. 

Support from his family, especially his grandfather and brother, along with encouragement from friends has helped him in and out of the classroom.

“I’ve realized in the past years how much I enjoy being outside and that school and that socialization has been so beneficial,” he said. He’s also earned a reputation for kindness and a calm personality.

Whether it is in school, in the arts, or any other area of life, Aaron has a motto: “You have to keep reaching for your goals and not give up.”

Joy Magaña, McKinley Institute of Technology

Class of 2022: Joy Magaña, McKinley Institute of Technology

Curious and outgoing, Joy will be walking onto the Summit Everest campus in fall and looking toward a shining future. 

“I try my best in all my classes but I find it most fun when we do coding,” she said, explaining how she recently learned how to search for the best process to solve an equation through coding. 

In high school and beyond, Joy would like to continue learning the ins and outs of coding. 

“I am looking into different careers in coding, like creating apps or other areas of computer design,” she said.

Those who have been most influential for her to work toward this goal have been both her mother and her English teacher, Ms. Spicer, at MIT. 

“They both help me a lot and encourage me to work hard every day,” Joy said.

Outside of class, she has been creating patterns and blocks of another sort by crocheting. Joy has been crafting beautiful blankets row by row and loop by loop for the past year.

Mira Lowitz, North Star Academy

Class of 2022: Mira Lowitz, North Star Academy

Bound for Sequoia High School, Mira has interest in the study of biology and English, and

wants to make a difference in the world. 

“I want to be known as someone who helps others and I want to make a positive impact,” she said. “I’ve always wanted to help people.” Her long-term goal is to go into law enforcement, possibly specializing so that she can become a criminal analyst for the FBI.

During her time in middle school, Mira says she has learned that she is “persistent and hardworking” but is also learning to give herself “room to breathe.” 

“All of my teachers have been a great influence and my mom inspires me,” she said. “Outside of academics, I’ve learned a lot socially and emotionally at North Star and I will carry that with me to high school.”

Mira draws, sings and writes when not at school and has already published two books. Auneaire is a dystopian novel. The other story, Juniper, is an illustrated fairy tale that helps children understand cancer, displaying her passion for assisting others through difficult times.

Ximena Jiménez Salazar, Roosevelt School

Class of 2022: Ximena Jiménez Salazar, Roosevelt School

On her way to Summit Everest, social issues and helping others are some of the core things

close to Ximena’s heart.  Her favorite school subjects have long been social studies and English but that has been recently amplified.

“In 2020, I got really into politics and learned about history and government,” she said. “I gained a passion for it. I really care about social justice.” 

Ximena is involved in her Leadership class to help maintain a “positive environment and safe place for everyone” and has taken a role in speaking out. 

Following high school, she aspires to earn a degree in psychology.

“I want to help kids who need it and be someone positive in their life,” she said, adding that her teachers, such as Mr. Padilla, as well as her parents have been there for her during her toughest times.

“I want to be that kind of inspiration for kids someday–someone like MLK or Rosa Parks,” Ximena said. “A historical figure.”

Danica & Gabriella Chandler, Roy Cloud

Sisters Danica and Gabriella, both avid readers and involved in school theater, are on their way

to Woodside High School. They share a passion for learning and their school community but have unique paths ahead of them.

Class of 2022: Danica Chandler, Roy Cloud

In high school, Danica looks forward to student media and leadership opportunities, as she completes her position of Associated Student Body (ASB) president at Roy Cloud. She credits her fifth-grade teacher for inspiring her to join the ASB.

“Ms. Ortez introduced me to ASB and helped me build a foundation for doing what I love,” Danica said. “She’s very accepting.” She added that her other teacher Ms. Sorlanzano has been there for her all along like a “second mom.”

Musicals, reading and marine biology are a few of Danica’s favorite topics but near and dear to her is that all people be treated with love and respect.

“I don’t stand for bullying and I try to make people aware about the impact and trauma that bullying can have,” she said. “And I don’t think that people realize how common mental health issues are either–you can be a good person and you can get good grades but not everything is perfect for anyone.”

Gabriella is active in Kindness Club, Garden Club and drama productions. She has a knack for

Class of 2022: Danica & Gabriella Chandler, Roy Cloud

math and science but frequently finds herself diving into fiction and romance novels for fun.

“My parents have been really supportive of me, and even though I put pressure on myself, they tell me they are proud no matter what,” she said. “And all of my teachers help me learn and grow so much.”

As she heads to high school, Gabriella is excited to meet students from other schools, adding that she’s “excited to meet more people of diverse walks of life and make new friends” and is considering joining drama or musical productions. 

Personal enrichment is something else that Gabriella looks forward to in high school and beyond. 

“I always want to grow more as a person but my ultimate goal is to make an impact and change someone’s life for the better,” she said. “I want to do things that make me happy, too. I don't want to dread going to work.”

Note: Pictures of students courtesy of students and their families.