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Meet the 2023 Graduates of the RCSD Induction Program

Meet the 2023 Graduates of the RCSD Induction Program

Close to 20 Redwood City School District (RCSD) teachers are now graduates of the RCSD Induction Program, which is a professional development program that serves as the final step to becoming a tenured teacher. 

Required by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC), an Induction Program clears a teacher's preliminary credential in the State of California. It is typically a two-year program that incorporates mentoring and is designed to offer support, guidance, and orientation for first-year teachers. 

Superintendent Dr. John Baker, Members of the Board of Trustees, and District leaders joined school principals as they celebrated the accomplishments of their teachers during the 2023 Induction Colloquium. 

“During middle school graduation season when you are witnessing the product of your hard work earn their 8th grade diplomas, we cheer you, too,” said Director of New Teacher Induction Nichole Crawford. “You have worked very hard to earn this State requirement and our students are the fortunate ones who have you as their teachers and will benefit from your training and commitment to their learning.”

Teachers and administrators interact during the 2023 Induction Colloquium

Teachers and administrators interact during the 2023 Induction Colloquium 

RCSD’s 2023 Induction Graduates:

Abigail Santana Roosevelt School
Adrian Pascual Vila Hoover Community School
Allison Rhoads Garfield Community School
Arianna Baerg Roy Cloud School
Betsy Aguilar-Ortiz Taft Community School
Edgar Murillo Kennedy Middle School
Jacob Regosin-Caffery Roosevelt School
John Poul Holm Henry Ford Elementary School
Jorge Egido Gil Taft Community School
Joseph Castillo Garfield Community School
Kim Gray Garfield Community School
Michele McCaffrey Roosevelt School
Samantha Lavu Garfield Community School
Sara Rosenbloom Kennedy Middle School
Scott Zinola Kennedy Middle School
Zachary O'Neill McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)

RCSD’s RCSD’s 1st Year Induction Participants:

Anne Taddey Hoover Community School
Diana Acosta-Benitez McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)
Eina Suarez Clifford School
Jennifer Geoghegan Roosevelt School
Keith Worrell Roy Cloud School
Maria Jose Alarcon Amador Taft Community School
Maria Moraleda Sanchez Taft Community School
Matthew Gallegos Kennedy Middle School
Perla Aramburu Kennedy Middle School
Renee Beckwith Clifford School
Sandhya Bhaskar Kennedy Middle School
Stephany Acevedo Roosevelt School
Rita Deng Orion Alternative Elementary School

The path to becoming a tenured teacher in California has many steps with this on-the-job mentorship program as the final accomplishment. All California teachers complete their collegiate coursework in best education practices, pass multiple rigorous exams, participate in student teaching, and eventually graduate from a preliminary credential program, and then dedicate an additional two years of an Induction Program while teaching full-time. Once teachers have completed Induction, they receive cleared credentials and can be tenured.

California’s Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) renewed RCSD’s Induction Program with full accreditation in 2017, praising the inclusion of equity-focused reflection, the dedicated group of veteran teacher mentors offering individualized support to new teacher candidates, and the School Board’s dedication to supporting the program financially and with direct involvement.

Redwood City School District’s Induction Program Accreditation is effective until 2027.