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Families to Experience a Shift with the District’s New Student-Centered Conferences

Families to Experience a Shift with the District’s New Student-Centered Conferences

As Redwood City School District (RCSD) parents look over the TK-8 Grade Instructional Calendar for the 2023-24 school year, they will notice a key change-- what we've long referred to as Student-Teacher Conferences are no longer listed for the third week of November. Instead, what will now be known as the Student Goal Setting Conferences will take place several weeks earlier, in October. 

RCSD has been moving towards a focus on centering instruction and the classroom experience on students, their learning, and their engagement. During recent school years, RCSD families have been learning about the RCSD Learner Framework, which was developed in partnership with the RCSD community. This framework, rooted in the District’s vision and mission, focuses on ensuring that all students are prepared to be empowered learners, knowledge constructors, effective collaborators, and creative communicators.

As RCSD’s teachers create classroom conditions that empower learning, they weave the Learner Framework into the fabric of daily lessons to equip students with tools and traits that foster lifelong success. The Student Goal Setting Conference is the next area of focus in the development of empowered learners in our district. 

Student goal-setting is an essential component of the Empowered Learner target of the RCSD Learner Framework and of UDL (Universal Design for Learning, or design to create multiple access points for everyone), which is supported by many research studies.

“When students take ownership of their learning, they become empowered to drive their growth,” explains Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Anna Herrera. 

“Research shows that students are engaged and motivated, and therefore empowered students improve their learning. They are better equipped as they transition to the next level as they are ready for their next step.” 

This year’s Student Goal Setting Conferences are scheduled for the week of October 23-27, as this new earlier date will show parents the progress made by their students before the first trimester wraps up in November. 

As we get closer to October, school principals will be communicating with their families about bell schedules and logistics for that week.