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Employees and Students to Administer COVID Test in an Effort to Provide a Safe 2022-23 Back to School

Employees and Students to Administer COVID Test in an Effort to Provide a Safe 2022-23 Back to School

As Redwood City School District (RCSD) gets ready to welcome returning and new students and staff for the 2022-23 school year, the District will continue with several COVID-19 protocols as it works to keep students and employees safe while learning together at school.

One proactive measure will take place prior to the first day of school--employees and students are asked to administer a COVID test before reporting for the new school year. Individuals who test positive should not report to school and will be provided with guidance of how and when to return to their school. 

All 12 RCSD schools will have testing kits available for families who may want to pick up kits at their child’s school. The district wide pick-up days are scheduled for Monday, August 15 and Tuesday, August 16. Individuals may also choose to use their own at-home testing kits, visit their primary medical provider, or any community organization for testing 

As part of this process, the district asks employees and families to follow these steps:

  • Administer the test prior to the first day of school. 

Families: Reporting of a positive case
Parents should complete the District’s self-reporting form when reporting a student positive case. This form is available on the “Quicklinks” section of the RCSD website as well as all 12 school websites.

The Department of Student Services will contact parents to review the case and answer any return to school questions via

Employees: Reporting of a positive case
Employees reporting a positive COVID case will email A response with guidelines and next steps will be sent to the employee. 

  • Do not come to school/work if the test is positive.

    In addition to reporting the positive case, families should report their child’s absence to the school office.

    Employees should report their absences through Frontline, the district’s absence management system. Absences can be entered prior to 7:00 am. If the absence is reported after 7:00 am, human resources staff will assist employees.

    Stay home and isolate for 5 days (day of the test is day 0). The district or school site will then follow-up with individuals who test positive to review requirements for their return date. 

If the test results are negative, the individual may return to school/work on the first day of school. 

Once the school year is underway, families and employees should expect the District to follow a similar process during the Thanksgiving, Winter, February, and Spring breaks as well as summer school 2023.