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District Thanks the Professionals who Provide Healthy and Nutritious Meals to Students Every Day

District Thanks the Professionals who Provide Healthy and Nutritious Meals to Students Every Day

Not all heroes wear capes…some wear gloves and aprons! The first Friday of May celebrates School Lunch Hero Day, acknowledging the incredible amount of time and care that goes into serving student meals each day.

Child Nutrition Services serves more than 7,000 meals daily to Redwood City School District elementary students in addition to preparing snacks for the onsite preschool program. Each meal adheres to strict nutrition standards, while navigating student taste buds and utilizing as many local, fresh ingredients as possible. 

RCSD CNS staff have been cooking up great ideas in the kitchen with new menu items such as pupusas and Asian-inspired chicken salad–a departure from the square pizzas or meatloaf and peas of yesteryear. The District is so grateful for the hardwork and dedication demonstrated by the entire CNS department.

What motivates these everyday heroes? The wellbeing and the smiles of students, they said. 

Laura Mosqueda, Adelante Selby
“I know how important nutrition is for children. I like to see them happy when they see food they like, and their happy faces…It's priceless.” 

Irene Mendoza, Orion Alternative 
“I've always liked to work in kitchens and around children. I like interacting with them. Also, I like to motivate children to eat healthy.”

Maricela Chavez, Roosevelt 
"I really like my job because the best way to serve the community is through children. It's nice to see them grow, and then run into them on the street and hear that they remember you with love." 

Barbara Newland, Roy Cloud
“I love getting feedback when the food is good and how it tastes. It's great when they ask for more. I like seeing my kids happy.”

Dulce Vargas, CNS Sub
“Student's feedback is good and we learn how to improve. I like to see their faces everyday, and I get to know them and their tastes.” 

Mona El Leisi, Taft
“I enjoy serving healthy meals to students.”

Sonia Ramirez, Taft
“I enjoy serving fresh food. I am happy when I see them eating the hot food and fresh fruits.”

A total of 43 CNS heroes work in RCSD cafeterias across the school district.