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District Thanks its 2022 Retirees for their Collective 465 Years of Service

The last school bell has rung for the more than 20 professionals who are marking the end of their professional careers in education with Redwood City School District (RCSD). This school year, Superintendent Baker and the RCSD Board of Trustees thanked the individuals during a reception held in their honor on Thursday, May 26. 

“Thank you for your years of service and dedication to our students,” said Superintendent Dr. John Baker in thanking the retiring professionals.

“We are going to miss you; your knowledge, expertise, and care and love for children. You have worked many years bringing your gifts and talents to our students. We’re sad to see you go, but we congratulate you!”

Several of the Trustees who attended the event joined Dr. Baker in thanking the individuals for their service. 

The 25 retirees dedicated a collective 465 years of service in the classroom, the music room, on the school bus, around the campus, and at the District Office. Five of this year’s retirees dedicated 30 or more years to RCSD including a music teacher who retires while she celebrates 37 years of musical performances in RCSD schools. 

The 2022 retirees are:

  • Priscilla Aquino-Dichoso--Chief Business Official, District Office
    4 years of service

  • Michelle Beutler--TK-5 Grade RSP Teacher, Hoover School
    22 years of service

  • Cheryl Biggs--Database Administrator, Department of Technology and Innovation, District Office
    15 years of service

  • Michael Breen--Lead Custodian, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School
    30 years of service

  • María Carranza--Instructional Assistant, Henry Ford School
    15 years of service

  • Michael T. Case--7th Grade Mathematics and Science Teacher, Hoover School
    2 years of service

  • Tracy DaCosta--Assistant Principal, Roosevelt School
    37 years of service

  • Debra Estassi--Instructional Assistant, McKinley Institute of Technology
    14 years of service

  • Andrea Garen,R.D.--Director of Health and Wellness, District Office
    10 years of service

  • Mario Gómez--Custodian, Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School
    18 years of service

  • María González--Instructional Assistant, Garfield School
    14 years of service

  • Luis A. Hinestroza--Lead Custodian, Garfield School
    26 years of service

  • Michelle Mairani--Kindergarten Teacher, Clifford School
    22 years of service

  • Carol McNamara--Music Teacher, McKinley Institute of Technology and North Star Academy
    37 years of service

  • Dr. Patricia Pelino--Director of Special Education, District Office
    18 years of service

  • Patricia Perla--Lead Teacher and Site Supervisor, Orion Alternative School Child Development Center (CDC)
    21 years of service

  • Diane Prystas--Principal, Roy Cloud School
    4 years of service

  • Mary Purcell--SDC Teacher, McKinley Institute of Technology
    32 years of service

  • Angela Quilici--K-5 RSP Teacher, Orion Alternative School
    10 years of service

  • Bruce Robinson--4th Grade Teacher, North Star Academy
    20 years of service

  • Cherrill Roth--3rd Grade Teacher, North Star Academy
    16 years of service

  • Elsa Simmonds--Bus Driver, Department of Maintenance, Operations, and Transportation
    7 years of service

  • Nancy Stevenson-Smith--4-8 Grade RSP Teacher, Roosevelt School
    10 years of service

  • Holly Watts--MTSS Coordinator, Hoover School
    26 years of service

  • Janet Wilkerson--Kindergarten Teacher, Clifford School
    35 years of service

In addition to Board Trustees and Superintendent Baker, family members were present at the reception to honor the retirees.

2022 RCSD Retirees