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District Makes Steady Improvement Amidst Statewide Trends on 2023 California School Dashboard

District Makes Steady Improvement Amidst Statewide Trends on 2023 California School Dashboard


The recent 2023 California School Dashboard results bring Redwood City School District’s (RCSD) educational achievements and challenges to the forefront, with a spotlight on RCSD’s mathematics and chronic absenteeism improvements. As RCSD navigates the indicators, a closer look reveals noteworthy accomplishments and areas warranting attention when compared to the broader California landscape.

The California School Dashboard, an online tool, reports how districts and schools are performing on multiple state and local measures, providing an assessment of student performance in relation to five key state performance indicators: Academics (English Language Arts and Mathematics), English Learner Progress, Suspension, Chronic Absenteeism, and Graduation Rate (for unified and high school union school districts).

The dashboard uses a color-coded system to communicate the performance levels of schools and districts across various indicators. The colors, ranging from red, orange, yellow, green, and blue, serve as visual cues representing different levels of achievement or improvement. Red signifies the lowest performance or need for improvement, followed by orange, yellow, green, and blue, indicating progressively higher levels of proficiency. This intuitive color system allows stakeholders, including parents, educators, and policymakers, to quickly assess and comprehend the educational landscape, facilitating informed decision-making and targeted interventions to support student success.

RCSD State Indicators:

English Language Arts: Orange

RCSD stands shoulder to shoulder with the California average, maintaining an orange status in English Language Arts (ELA). This achievement showcases the district’s commitment to sustaining proficiency levels in ELA.

Mathematics: Yellow

A commendable 4.1-point increase in mathematics performance places RCSD above the California average, which stands at orange. The district’s dedication to enhancing mathematical education is evident in this positive trajectory.

English Learner Progress (ELP): Red

However, RCSD faces a challenge in English Learner Progress (ELP), marked by a red indicator, performing below the California average set at yellow. This signals a specific need for targeted interventions to support English learners.

Chronic Absenteeism: Orange

Chronic absenteeism in RCSD shows a positive trend with a 2.6% decline, achieving an orange status. While an improvement, it falls short of the statewide average decline, indicating an ongoing need for focused efforts to address attendance challenges.

Suspension Rate: Orange

Both RCSD and California experienced a 0.4% increase in suspension rates, reaching an orange status. This calls for a close examination of disciplinary measures and strategies to create an optimal learning environment.

RCSD Differentiated Assistance and LCAP Initiatives:

RCSD’s commitment to equity is evident as the district qualifies for Differentiated Assistance for African American students in mathematics, chronic absenteeism, and suspension rates.

Eligibility for Differentiated Assistance is based on a detailed analysis of the California School Dashboard. When certain groups show persistent challenges or underperformance, they become eligible for targeted support. This strategic approach aims to address disparities and provide tailored interventions to uplift and enhance the educational experience for students who may face unique challenges. The decision-making process is data-driven, ensuring a focused and equitable distribution of resources to facilitate improvement in identified areas.

The Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) will address areas for improvement identified in the California School Dashboard. RCSD will strategically allocate resources and implement targeted initiatives.

“By tailoring actions and interventions based on the specific needs highlighted in the Dashboard, the LCAP becomes a roadmap for improvement,” explains Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services Anna Herrera.

“It enables RCSD to focus on key priorities, such as enhancing English Learner Progress, reducing chronic absenteeism, and improving suspension rates. The LCAP fosters a collaborative approach, involving stakeholders, educators, and the community in the decision-making process, ensuring that the district’s efforts are aligned with the unique needs of each RCSD student and contributing to sustained positive outcomes.”

RCSD Local Indicators Excellence

RCSD excels in local indicators, meeting the standard requirements across Basics (Teachers, Instructional Materials, Facilities), Implementation of Academic Standards, Parent and Family Engagement, Local Climate Survey, and Access to a Broad Course of Study. This indicates a robust foundation in key areas contributing to a well-rounded education.

Acknowledging the disruption caused by the pandemic on student learning, Superintendent Dr. John Baker expressed optimism about the district’s future and emphasized the current work taking place.

“Our commitment to educational excellence is unwavering, especially in the face of pandemic-induced challenges. This current school year has been a very busy one for all teachers and staff as we work together implementing many different strategies that we know has started to help our students get back on track. Initiatives such as the K-2 Science of Reading Framework, the K-5 Mathematics Curriculum, and Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) are instrumental in providing tailored support to our students. These initiatives are not only addressing immediate learning gaps, but are also laying the foundation for sustained academic success. Together, these initiatives represent a comprehensive strategy to uplift our students and ensure they thrive despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.”