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District Celebrates 2022 Career Milestones

District Celebrates 2022 Career Milestones


The impact and dedication of more than 80 Redwood City School District (RCSD) employees was highlighted by Longevity Milestone recognition at the beginning of the school year, marking a special moment in the careers of teachers, staff, and administrators. 

Longevity Milestones are acknowledged for every five years of service within the District community. Staff serving five to 30 years each were honored at school site “Welcome Back” celebrations and during a recent Board of Trustees meeting. 

Maria Díaz-Slocum, RCSD Board President, thanked those celebrating Milestones. 

“Many of you I’ve known for a long time,” she said, addressing those in attendance.

“The impact you have made on our students and community is enormous. Thank you for choosing, showing up, and staying with Redwood City. You have made a tremendous difference.”

With an amazing more than 1,000 years of combined service, the employees received certificates and pins as symbols of the District’s heartfelt  appreciation. Many RCSD employees–from each department and school site–choose to continue serving our community for the duration of their careers.

“I love seeing that all of the schools and District Office are represented, as well as the breadth of different jobs,” said Mike Wells, Board Trustee.

Mandarin Immersion teachers at Orion Alternative celebrate during the school's staff luncheon. 

Mandarin Immersion Teachers at Orion Alternative celebrate during the school's staff luncheon