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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Basic Steps and Advanced Measures Keep Data and Students Safe in RCSD Schools

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Basic Steps and Advanced Measures Keep Data and Students Safe in RCSD Schools

Whether on their school campus or at home, Redwood City School District (RCSD) students connect online daily and use a variety of digital tools to complete their school work. The month of October, which is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, highlights RCSD’s digital security systems and measures in place to protect students and staff. 

This year, the emphasis is on returning to the basics of digital safety: encouraging the use of strong passwords, password managers, two-step and multi-factor authentication, software updates, and the ability to recognize and report phishing attempts.

In RCSD, the Department of Technology takes cybersecurity seriously, ensuring that students and staff remain protected both within the school network and beyond.

Firewall and Content Filter:

Inside the school district network, a firewall stands guard, providing a first line of defense against digital threats. This protective barrier ensures that all computers and devices connected to the network remain safe from potential breaches. In addition, a content filter is installed on all staff and students' devices, acting as a vigilant watchdog against inappropriate content.

Security at Home:

Families whose students take RCSD devices home need not worry about being their student exposed to digital risks. The district’s content filter continues its protective role even when students are connected to their personal networks at home. This commitment ensures that students remain shielded on RCSD devices, regardless of their home network settings. 

Monitoring and Protection:

The school district is not only concerned with blocking harmful content, but also with monitoring for potential cyberbullying and threats. For this, RCSD uses a robust system that promptly alerts administrators to any threats targeting a student or staff member. The system also diligently monitors content within the Google Workspace for Education system, ensuring a safe digital environment for both students and staff.

Classroom Vigilance:

Teachers have an additional tool, a monitoring system that allows them to keep a watchful eye on students using Chromebooks in real-time. If a teacher observes a student straying off-task or engaging in inappropriate online behavior, immediate action can be taken to steer the student back on track.

Google Workspace for Education Security:

The Google Workspace for Education system itself comes equipped with various security settings and tools designed to keep student and staff accounts safe. These measures ensure that sensitive data remains protected and only authorized users have access.

“By fostering a culture of digital security and providing robust protective measures, we empower students and teachers to confidently and joyfully use the digital world to engage in teaching and learning,” concludes RCSD Director of Technology Carlos Reyna.