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Community Partner Campus Beautification Project Contributes to Clifford Student Learning and Well-Being.

Community Partner Campus Beautification Project Contributes to Clifford Student Learning and Well-Being.


Members of local Rotary Clubs met at Clifford School in Redwood City to plant 30 native oak trees surrounding the staff parking lot in an effort to restore the area’s natural meadows while replacing eucalyptus that presented hazards. 

Group of Volunteers Plant Trees at Clifford School

The May 22 project is a result of a partnership between Rotary, Redwood City School District (RCSD), and CityTrees, the Redwood City urban forestry volunteer organization. 

Jack Stephens, a founder of CityTrees and an active Rotarian remarked, “it is so rewarding to see Rotary Club members working together to fund and plant an oak grove at this beautiful campus.The new Clifford oaks will provide positive health and well-being outcomes to students for years to come.”

Adding to the beauty of the campus, these species of trees -- valley, island, and coast live oak trees -- will provide habitat for a host of birds and small animals, capture rainwater, sequester carbon, and provide much-needed shade which can be used for outdoor teaching and school social events. 

Trees are one of many additions and improvements at Clifford, including an Outdoor Learning Quad, facility access for individuals with

City Trees Sign at Clifford School

special needs (ADA), modernized bathrooms, safety fencing, and painting--all repairs and upgrades funded by the community through Measure T, which was approved by Redwood City voters in 2015. 

“We welcome the partnership with CityTrees which enhances our school campuses,” said Don Dias, Bond Program Director for RCSD. “It reflects our commitment to providing students, staff, and the neighborhood with attractive, aesthetic, and nurturing green spaces along with the capital improvements we are making across many of our campuses.”

Principal Jude Noyes shared his enthusiasm about the Clifford tree project.

“It was great to see some Clifford parents among the tree planters,” Noyes said. “Along with other school garden areas, these new oaks will provide students the opportunity to learn about water conservation, native plants, and composting. Cooler, greener school environments promote learning and positive play among our students.”

The tree planting project was funded through a Rotary Club grant. CityTrees coordinated the tree locations and species selection, and provided planting tools and support. Rotary and City Trees each invested about 70 hours of work. RCSD dug the holes and will maintain the trees, helping them adapt to the upcoming summer.


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About CityTrees: CityTrees is a volunteer group, formed in May of 2000, to promote and support urban forestry efforts in Redwood City. CityTrees works with the City of Redwood City Public Works Department to plant and maintain trees along Redwood City’s streets, at schools, and on other publicly owned property to support tree equity, fight climate change and promote wellness for all residents. Since forming, CityTrees has planted 3,483 trees in the greater Redwood City area. To volunteer or donate, please go to As COVID restrictions ease, CityTrees is resuming community based tree plantings and welcomes volunteers.