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Class of 2024: A Legacy of Kindness, Cooperation, and Community

Class of 2024: A Legacy of Kindness, Cooperation, and Community

As Redwood City School District (RCSD) eighth graders prepare to turn the tassel, students are busy wrapping up final projects, attending end-of-year celebrations, and spending time with friends before the heat of summer sets in.

Their teachers, amidst the hustle and bustle that late spring brings, reflect on the accomplishments and special qualities of this year’s graduating class.

What is clear is that each student embodies what it means to be RCSD Learners: Empowered Learners, Knowledge Constructors, Effective Collaborators, and Creative Communicators.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024!

Curious and Kind

Montana Miller, social studies and science teacher at Roosevelt Elementary, said that it has been a joy to watch the Class of 2024 grow together throughout their time at the school.

“They are a tight knit group who are defined by their strong sense of community with one another, their caring nature, and their ability to make just about anyone laugh,” she said, adding that they are experts at having fun.

Miller remarked that a special trait for this group of students is their infectious enthusiasm and energy.

“I envision this group going forth and making the world we live in a happier and more energizing place to be,” she said.

Of the special qualities that make up this year’s class, Language Arts teacher Enrique Coon highlighted McKinley Institute of Technology students’ curiosity, insightfulness, and kindness.

“They have made some real friendships and appreciate each other beyond their close friend groups,” Coon said. “They are fun to talk to, have great ideas, and have each others' backs.”

“I know they are going to have a great time in high school as they pursue their interests and grow their dreams for what comes next. Their ability to appreciate others and work together will make them successful in college and in their careers.”

Each MIT graduate receives a Class of 2024 Bulldog sweatshirt

Each MIT graduate receives a Class of 2024 Bulldog sweatshirt


North Star Academy’s Ariana Baltay, language arts, social studies and enrichment teacher, highlighted student success in cooperative learning and acceptance. The eighth grade students work throughout the year on their 20 Percent Time research project, with many working in teams to serve the community.

“Our eighth graders are skilled at working in a cooperative environment, which is the trend not only in high school and college but in the workplace as well,” said Baltay. “They will excel in the future for knowing how to work with and benefit from all the diverse people around them.”


North Star 8th graders in Ms. Baltay’s English language arts class work on one of their final middle school projects. They are decorating their renaissance hats to wear for their poem recitals

“Our team players value each other’s differences and consider them a strength. This year, more than ever, students appreciate and hold up their differences as strengths.”


North Star 8th graders look through their poem books, which they created in Ms. Baltay’s English language arts class. This is one of their final 8th grade projects as they count down to graduation

Chris Taylor, language arts and social studies teacher, noted the future positive impacts that Garfield Community School graduates are sure to make in their community.

“Our students are guided by strong values that include kindness, honesty, inclusion, loyalty, and justice,” he said. “As a group, they strive for excellence in all that they do. They are socially conscious and never miss a chance to speak up for themselves and their fellow classmates.”

Taylor also spotlighted the students’ resilience in the face of obstacles such as the pandemic and the loss of their beloved principal Lupe Torres-Khalil this school year.

“Through it all, our eighth graders persevered and never lost sight of their goals of preparing for their future, making their families proud and making their community a better place,” he said. “Ms. Torres would truly be proud.”

Diana Camara, Kennedy Middle School English language arts and expository teacher, remarked that this year’s graduating class is made of critical thinkers who often enjoy discussing moral issues.

“Our eighth grade students are ready to make a positive impact on the community with the defining characteristics and special qualities they possess,” she said. “High school will be the place where many of our students will figure out what they are interested in and what they are passionate about. They will ultimately give back to the community as well as the high school they are attending by volunteering their time.”


Maty, a graduating Spanish Immersion student at Kennedy Middle School, guides incoming 6th graders on a tour of what soon will become her alma mater

Wherever they go on their future paths, RCSD’s Class of 2024 is sure to make a difference in this world.