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COVID-19 Dashboard


Real-Time COVID-19 Data in RCSD Schools

The data presented below is tracked by Redwood City School District (RCSD) based on reports of RCSD students and adults on RCSD facilities testing positive for COVID-19.

Families and employees self-report a case to RCSD after testing positive using an at-home testing kit, visiting a community testing center, or by testing through their medical provider. Should a positive case be identified while on campus during the infectious period, the district communicates with all families and adults at the specific site or work location. In addition to employees, the district communicates with any other adult who is working in a facility such as a district partner, a contractor, or a visitor working on a specific project.

The data is reported in cumulative totals and not by individual sites in order to ensure privacy and prevent medical information from being identifiable. In order to provide the most accurate and up-to-date COVID-19 data on the day it is available, the COVID-19 Dashboard will be updated every Thursday afternoon by 5:00 p.m. with the most recent metrics.

In 2022-23, RCSD moved from surveillance testing to symptomatic testing and/or back-to-school testing. This means that test-kits will be provided to symptomatic individuals and individuals in isolation who need to test in order to return to school/work after initially testing positive.

Symptomatic individuals and individuals testing to return to school/work are able to use their own at-home test kit, visit a community testing center, or arrange with RCSD for pick-up of a test kit. The district reports any positive case as long as the individual has been on campus.

The COVID-19 Dashboard is updated every Thursday afternoon by 5:00 p.m

Week of Total Positive Cases Number of Students Identified as Positive Cases Total District Student Enrollment Number of RCSD Employees Identified as Positive Cases Total Number of RCSD Employees Other Adults Identified as Positive Cases
Sept. 23 - Sept. 29 8 6 6,200 1 900 1
Sept. 16 - Sept. 22 20 16 6,200 3 900 1
Sept. 9 - Sept. 15 14 11 6,200 3 900 0
Sept. 2 - Sept. 8 24 17 6,200 7 900 0
Aug. 26 - Sept. 1 34 28 6,200 6 900 0
Aug. 19 - Aug. 25 26 21 6,200 5 900 0
Aug. 17 - Aug. 18 4 2 6,200 2 900 0



Communication About COVID-19 Cases

As of January 1, 2021, AB-685 COVID-19: imminent hazard to employees: exposure: notification: serious violations requires all California school districts to inform employees of any COVID-19 cases reported at their school site or work location. However, RCSD also notifies all families in addition to employees of cases specific to their local site. RCSD is committed to proactive communication with all members of the school’s community. Federal privacy laws protect student and staff confidentiality; therefore, personally identifiable information on any individuals testing positive or being asked to isolate or quarantine will not be shared.

In the event an RCSD student or staff member tests positive for COVID-19, the district contact tracing team works with the school administration on providing communication and guidance to impacted families and employees letting them know what steps they need to take. The case is also reported to San Mateo County Health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who in my child’s class/school/team has tested positive?
RCSD is unable to release individual health information. Per privacy guidelines, no additional identifiable information can be shared regarding the COVID-19-positive individual. If you have healthcare questions, please contact your family’s healthcare provider. 

How do I know if I / my child is impacted?
Unless you have been otherwise notified, your child has not been identified as a close contact and does not need to quarantine at home or to be tested.