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RCSD welcomes its community, neighbors, and friends to learn more about the school district that serves our community's children. In this section, we tell the stories of our students, teachers, staff, programs, schools, and initiatives that make RCSD a great school district.

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2022-23 COVID Protocols in RCSD Schools

2022-23 COVID Protocols in RCSD Schools

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Our Stories

2022-23 COVID Protocols in RCSD Schools

One proactive measure will take place prior to the first day of school--employees and students are asked to administer a COVID test before reporting for the new school year. Individuals who test positive should not report to school and will be provided with guidance of how and when to return to their school.

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Fresh Fruits on the Cafeteria Serving Line

Beginning August, all RCSD students can benefit from California’s Universal Meals Program which went into effect for the 2022-23 school year. The landmark program offers wholesome breakfast and lunch at no cost for all public school students, regardless of income eligibility. Families can view upcoming menus and nutrition facts for breakfast and lunch online at any time.

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Mandarin Immersion Chinese Bridge Competition Winners

The student honorees applied what they have studied in RCSD’s Mandarin Immersion Program by participating in the national contest hosted by the Chinese Consulate of San Francisco this June, exhibiting their linguistic and cultural talent. 

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North Star Academy Front Sign

Beginning in the the 2022-23 school year, Redwood City School District (RCSD) will move forward with implementing several district actions to improve the enrollment process at North Star Academy (NSA) and increase access for all qualified students, including those from the Bayside schools, where fewer students have traditionally moved to North Star in 3rd grade. These new steps first started as ideas generated by the North Star Forward Committee, which was charged to study the impact NSA has on all other RCSD schools.

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Hoover Students Cut the Ribbon Officially Opening their New Gym

In 2021-22, Redwood City School District (RCSD) students at both Hoover and Taft schools celebrated the completion and grand opening of the Measure T Construction and Modernization Project for their respective schools. The projects at both school sites are part of several projects in Phase I of the school district’s Bond Program, which is modernizing and improving all schools across the school district.

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