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Our Stories and Initiatives

RCSD welcomes its community, neighbors, and friends to learn more about the school district that serves our community's children. In this section, we tell the stories of our students, teachers, staff, programs, schools, and initiatives that make RCSD a great school district.

Our Stories

Student guiding classmates in class

As the school district begins this shift in the focus of conferences from “reporting” to “goal setting”, the first steps are for students to select a grade level standard for their focus this fall, and discuss it with their teacher and family at the October conference. The progress report that will be sent home in November will include an update on strides made toward that specific goal.

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Students working on their school devices

RCSD has been moving towards a focus on centering instruction and the classroom experience on students, their learning, and their engagement. During recent school years, RCSD families have been learning about the RCSD Learner Framework, which was developed in partnership with the RCSD community. This framework, rooted in the District’s vision and mission, focuses on ensuring that all students are prepared to be empowered learners, knowledge constructors, effective collaborators, and creative communicators.

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Students raising their hands in a TK class

In 2023-24, RCSD will offer Transitional Kindergarten at nine schools, a 100% increase in the number of classes provided in 2022-23 when the District served 100 TK students. The more than $3 million investment in the hiring of credentialed teachers, instructional assistants, and the resources and supplies for each classroom means more than 200 TK students will have access to school, helping them develop the knowledge and skills they will need as they transition to Kindergarten.

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