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Our Stories and Initiatives

RCSD welcomes its community, neighbors, and friends to learn more about the school district that serves our community's children. In this section, we tell the stories of our students, teachers, staff, programs, schools, and initiatives that make RCSD a great school district.

Our Stories

Student pointing to a math activity on the board

The Redwood City School District (RCSD) Board of Trustees was recently informed during the 2nd Interim Budget Report that the district has attained positive certification, signifying its ability to meet financial obligations for the current fiscal year and the following two years.

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Student counting numbers

RCSD aims to conduct a comprehensive analysis to evaluate the viability of implementing a parcel tax measure to be placed on the November 2024 ballot. The rationale behind the School Board’s approval during the March 6, 2024 public School Board meeting underscores the Board’s commitment to maintaining the support services from which students have benefitted since returning to in-person instruction after the lockdown. With the ending of COVID-related funds across California, RCSD has tasked itself with upholding essential services crucial for student success and well-being. 

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A poster on the wall on which students have placed sticky notes with their ideas for the LCAP

As Empowered Learners, Creative Communicators, and Effective Collaborators–anchors of the RCSD Learner Framework–RCSD students lend their voices and big ideas as the school district reviews and updates its Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP).

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Rondon School of Discovery visits RCSD's Mandarin Immersion Program

Redwood City School District’s (RCSD) Mandarin Immersion staff and students have been really ‘taking off’ as they host educational leaders and make their own cross-country travels, all while making friends along the way.

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Ms. Kekos and Ms. Gonzales-Sprouse

Both Ms. Gonzales-Sprouse and Ms. Kekos embody the values and dedication aligned with RCSD’s mission of creating a safe and supportive, inspirational and rigorous, joyful and inclusive environment for all learners. Their commitment to the success of students, staff, and the overall well-being of the school communities is evident through their years of service within RCSD as teachers, assistant principals, and now school principals.

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Students collaborating in a group

The primary role of the Measure U Citizens Oversight Committee is to work with district staff in providing regular reports to the public regarding the allocation of parcel tax revenues. This critical function ensures that these funds are utilized in accordance with the intentions outlined in the Measure U ballot measure. By actively reviewing expenditure reports provided by RCSD, committee members play a vital role in upholding the integrity of the district’s financial management.

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