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Redwood City School District (RCSD) welcomes volunteers and partners in a systematic process to ensure the health and safety of our students.  Over many years, volunteers have provided assistance to our school programs and our collective efforts to educate our students in academic, social, and emotional opportunities.  School campuses and the Department of Human Resources have an established and thorough process to ensure safety and communicate expectations to our volunteers. 

Depending on your volunteer level, you will be required to submit/complete the following items:

  • Volunteer Application
  • TB Test Result or TB Risk Assessment 
  • Driver’s License/Government ID
  • Livescan Fingerprints- only required for volunteers who will be alone with students
  Level 1
Volunteers working under constant direct supervision of RCSD employee
Level 2
Volunteers working under the supervision of an RCSD employee, but may occasionally be unsupervised while working with students
Level 3
Volunteers who will be alone working with or mentoring students. The student may be transported by the volunteer.
Examples of volunteerism Classroom support, supervision, supervised school event support  Tutoring partners, field trip volunteers on the bus or chaperoning a field trip Tutoring partners, overnight field trip volunteers, certain school events, contracted partners 
Complete Volunteer application  Yes Yes Yes
Valid California Driver’s License or US Issued ID card Yes Yes Yes
TB test result or TB test assessment required Yes Yes Yes
Livescan Fingerprinting 
RCSD does not reimburse for Livescan at this time.
No Yes Yes

For any further questions please email