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Interdistrict Transfers

Interdistrict Transfer to Leave RCSD

Interdistrict Transfer is the School of Choice process for students who attend school in RCSD and are requesting to transfer to another school district. The student's family will need to follow these steps:

1. A parent/guardian must notify the District Office to request an Interdistrict Transfer Form and/or an Employer Declaration Form (if you are an employee of the requesting school district.). The requests need to be made with the School of Choice Office by calling 650-482-2237 or by email at

2. The parent/guardian submits the completed form(s) back to the School of Choice Office. The forms can be emailed back, mailed, or dropped off at the District Office, which is located at 750 Bradford St. in Redwood City. 

3. The School of Choice forms will be processed and sent to the requesting district. A copy is also sent to the parent/guardian. Please note that this process takes 45 days from initial submission to the district. 

4. The school district to which the family is applying makes the decision on whether to accept or deny the transfer.

Interdistrict Transfer to Come in to RCSD

RCSD welcomes students whose parent/guardian is employed with an organization within the Redwood City School District attendance zone. The parent/guardian must provide and have approved an employer declaration form in order for the application to be processed. Below are the steps to follow after the employer declaration is verified and approved:

1. The parent/guardian fills out the RCSD registration form by the open registration deadline. 

2. The parent/guardian fills out a School of Choice application by the school of choice window application deadline. 

3. If the family is applying to attend North Star Academy, they must also fill out North Star Academy's application, in addition to the RCSD registration form and school of choice form. Please visit the North Star Academy website for more information:

4. The family will be notified once placement is available.

5. If the family accepts placement, the family must notify RCSD by the acceptance deadline. 

6. Once the family accepts placement, the family needs to contact their neighborhood school district to obtain an Inter-district Transfer Form. That form needs to be submitted to the home district, which will send the form to RCSD to process. 

7. The family must fill out the same Inter-district Transfer Form with their home district each year as long as the student is attending Redwood City School District.