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Project Based Learning

Students Working in a Group

Imagine your child, 15-20 years from now, working side by side with fellow employees on a project that will change the world…perhaps it’s the cure for cancer, the next big technological invention, or developing solutions for world peace. What if, starting now, your child could learn and experience the critical skills necessary to be a successful leader, innovator, and creative problem solver in our ever-changing world?

In a Project Based Learning classroom, students are challenged to work cooperatively, think critically, and present their work in front of an audience. A variety of engagement strategies are used to engage students and encourage their participation in a rigorous curriculum.

Roosevelt School is the only RCSD campus that utilizes the project based learning curriculum in all grade levels.

Roosevelt is a well-established Project Based Learning school rooted in a tradition of excellence and delivering a 21st century education based on critical thinking, problem-solving, using technology and working together. Students are challenged and engaged in an award-winning Project Based Learning curriculum that helps them develop skills for living in a knowledge-based, highly technological society. 

The school's community of teachers, staff, and parents ensure that students are successful in all aspects of their learning. Roosevelt School’s growing accomplishments are evident in its student academic gains, the innovative projects that students lead and produce each year, and its award-winning reading program and curriculum. For these reasons and more, we invite you to meet, choose and love Roosevelt School.