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Independent Study

Different from the traditional independent study in which students learned at home on their own, the updated independent study format for 2021-22 means that parents of medically vulnerable students in certain grades can request to participate in daily instruction that includes synchronous, asynchronous and independent assignments with a credentialed teacher.

Parents should be aware that:

  • “Medically vulnerable” refers to a student whose parents consider their health would be at risk should the child return to the school campus and participate in in-person learning. 
  • “Synchronous instruction” means large group classroom-style instruction or designated small group or one-on-one instruction delivered live, virtually through the internet. Asynchronous instruction involves students watching recordings prepared or selected by the teacher, or working with other students in breakout rooms on projects or assignments, as examples. 
  • The independent study program is considered a school or program of choice that is being offered by the RCSD. It will consist of English-only instruction and will follow district curriculum guidelines. Other school or program of choice options such Accelerated Learning at North Star Academy; the Bilingual Program at Garfield, Hoover, and Taft schools; Mandarin Immersion at Orion Alternative School; and Spanish Immersion at Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School will not be offered in the Independent Study program.
  • The parent and child will sign an agreement with the school district within the first 30 days of the school year. This agreement will include both an academic and a communication plan.
  • Any student who the school approves for independent study would need to show satisfactory academic progress. Lack of satisfactory progress would trigger an evaluation of whether or not the school should allow the student to continue in independent study.
  • Students with an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) must have independent study specifically provided for in their plan.
  • Space will be held for each student in their home school while they attend the Independent Study program. At such time that it is decided the student will be best served in the in-person instruction offered at their home school, the transition will take place within 5 days.

Enrolling Your Child in Independent Study:

A request to participate requires for the parent, school, and district to follow a process before approval and the final agreement is signed. A conference needs to take place within 30 days of enrollment in the Independent Study program with the student, the parent, and an administrator.

Parents Ready to Commit to Independent Study Should Fill Out this Form: