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Elementary Music

We are excited for this new virtual music program!  This is only the second year that music will be provided to 4th and 5th graders weekly for the entire school year!  We have expanded the program this year to serve the following schools: Garfield, Hoover, Orion, Roosevelt, and Taft.  

Both 4th and 5th grade students will learn instruments in their program.  4th graders will learn Boomwhackers and Recorder while the 5th graders will learn ukulele.  Exposer and experience with these three instruments will help prepare students for middle school instrumental music, where they can pick from a large variety of string, wind and percussion instruments to play! 

Students will learn about rhythms, notes, and techniques while being exposed to a large variety of music repertoire.  They will learn how to perform and work together as an ensemble in class to experience higher level music concepts like melody, harmony, and rhythmic accompaniment.  Though they will learn and have a strong musical foundation, the focus of these classes will be to have fun and create music together!