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There are thousands of students whose first language is not English and are considered English Learners. At the start of their educational career, the students take an exam to assess how well they speak or understand English in order to determine if the student qualifies for extra support in reading, writing, and communication skills.

Over time, the students continue to develop in their speaking and comprehension skills until they reach a level of English similar to a native English speaker. The students take an annual assessment and as per the results reach proficiency in English. This process is called reclassification.

The process includes the following:

  • The parents or guardians receive an invitation to a meeting to discuss the possibility if their student being reclassified.

  • The teachers and parents/guardians come to an agreement to determine if the student has reached a level of competency in English based on the state and local exams results.

  • Then the parents or guardians receive notification that their student qualifies to be reclassified. Parents or guardians are given an opportunity to respond or share any concerns. If there are no concerns the student is reclassified.

  • Finally, there is a Reclassification Ceremony held to honor all students who have reached proficiency in English and are reclassified as fluent English proficient. This is a great step in the life of a family and one all families can be proud of.

The Redwood City School District has received recognition for their success in meeting the needs of the English Learners and have many years of experience teaching language learners.