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Support Us & Be Part of Our Community

We can't do this amazing work on our own!

Here are ways you can engage with RWC community schools:

Invest in community schools:

Help support community schools by investing in the people at the heart of the work.

By investing in community schools, we make sure there is a continuity of services for our most vulnerable students and families we make sure we all rise up, as one community.

Help us meet our goal of having full time Family Centers at each of our community schools!

  • $300,000: funds 2 years of our partnership with Communities in Schools, a national organization that supports model fidelity and outcomes through professional development and data systems.
  • $200,000: Funds a full running Family Center for a year (Community School Coordinator, Family Center admin & operational costs).
  • $150,000: Funds our SparkPoint Program that works with our families on socio-economic stability and 2-generational outcomes (5 yearly cohorts). 
  • $130,000: Funds a community School Coordinator a full year.
  • $75,000: Funds a Family Center Admin, ensuring centers have their doors open all the time, to everyone.
  • $60,000: Funds schools running year-round, allowing continuity of services during the summer gap.
  • $30,000: Funds our Student Success efforts per school. 
  • $20,000: Funds our Family and student engagement member at a site.
  • $15,000: Funds our partnerships with tutoring or counseling services at a site.
  • $10,000: Funds our Parent University efforts. 

Engage your company in partnering with our local youth through the community schools!

Contact the Community Schools team directly at

Contribute through indirect services

  • Messaging: community schools are a complex model that includes many different strategies and many different levels of work. It resembles more the work of collective action initiatives than that of traditional schools. We could use help from interns in the communication field find a way to create a concise, concrete, accessible message for both community and funders.

We need experts wanting to support our marketing and fundraising needs.

  • Data: we have started to change our data collection and data analysis practices. We still encounter implementation/ collection challenges. We are growing our understanding of how to present, interpret, and use data for improving: performance, outcomes, and messaging. This is definitely an area of growth, specially how to realistically measure implementation and fidelity.

We have successfully found a new data partner to improve practice, but still need funding for data software and tech related costs.

Be part of a school family

  • Tutoring: an assigned intern from an education related field to work with regularly. The work would entail push-in tutors during school day to work with teacher and targeted student(s), rather than pull out. Tutor would get full onboarding support from classroom teacher and coordinator.
  • Sports and mentorship: any intern wanting to engage with youth is welcome to support during our lunchtime recess, by either doing informal or formal mentorship, sports activities, and supervising youth during their social and play time.
  • Academic support: we seek interns wanting to act as academic coaches for our 5th-8th grade students, being able to check in regularly about grades, goal-setting, time management, homework support, and organizational skills in general. A caring adult and advocate supporting them closely (1-2 students) through their academic journey.
  • Monthly food distributions: We partner once or twice a month with Second Harvest Food Bank to serve free healthy food to our families and community members. We need help set up, sign in, sign up, etc., during food distribution times.
  • AVID tutors: support 1-1 students participating in AVID.
  • Homework Center for non-after school program students. Work after school dismissal 1-1 or in small group with students needing additional support. Classroom teachers will work on providing curriculum- aligned material and give background on students academic performance and needs.
  • Case management: support with our families ability to access community resources by being an advocate. This resources is crucial to keeping families stable and students on track, and it is especially true when a family is in crisis needing to access any of the following: housing, food, legal representation, navigating any of the systems. Families will need an advocate to help them move through the process. Intern would help identify adequate community partners, explain to family process to accessing them, etc.

Contact: Michelle GriffithDirector of Community Schools & Partnerships - Redwood City School District

by email:  or by phone: 650-482-2268 ext. 2268


Last Modified on March 23, 2022