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Partnership with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA)

Redwood City School District’s (RCSD) teachers, administrators, and district employees embrace an ongoing commitment to maximize learning for the diverse group of students and families we serve. Belief in all students’ capabilities is an essential component of that unwavering commitment.  Partnership with the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) assists in District efforts to bring the most current and effective practices to our students. NUA’s mission is to “substantiate an irrefutable belief in the capacity of all public school children to achieve the high intellectual performance demanded by our ever changing global community.”

The focus for Redwood City/NUA work is to create an environment that closes the opportunity gap for all students. The “Pedagogy of Confidence” involves three phases in understanding and learning: Developing, Deepening, and Demonstrating. 

This aligns with RCSD’s core belief that children learn and succeed when we act on the principle that every child can and will learn. Students must believe in themselves, as well.

The goals for this work are to foster self-efficacy by building conviction, capacity, and confidence for all students. Students invest in their own learning experience by setting goals and demonstrating growth and knowledge.

RCSD’s deep work and collaboration with NUA’s chief executive officer and researchers has been ongoing and led to the creation of Clifford as the RCSD NUA Lab School. Our goal is to provide these experiences and opportunities for every school site and to model this work for other schools in San Mateo County.

The NUA initiative is informed by several basic foundational points, including: an action plan for accelerating achievement and closing gaps, upholding successful classroom pedagogy demonstrated through strategies, which engage culturally diverse students, and community involvement. 

Amplifying student voice, building relationships, and identifying and activating student strengths are among the NUA’s strength-based strategies High Operational Practices implemented by District employees.

Through continued professional development, collaboration, and best practices, RCSD strives to meet the wide range of needs of all students--ensuring their long-term academic success.