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Our Mission, Vision, and Values

Our Mission:

RCSD creates a safe and supportive, inspirational and rigorous, joyful and inclusive environment for all learners


Students Working Together at Roy Cloud
Students Smiling at Taft School

Our Vision:

RCSD will be a thriving, dynamic, innovative, and nurturing community where each student realizes their unique gifts and strengths to achieve high intellectual performances for personal and academic success.


Our Values

RCSD has a collective responsibility to achieve our vision through a commitment to these values:



  • To analyze systemic practices, including racial biases, through an equity consciousness lens that dismantle barriers to student learning and emotional well being. 

Student Voice

  • To encourage students’ bravery, voice and leadership. 


  • To instill passion in learning emphasizing student strengths and gifts for all learners: all abilities, all ethnicities and cultural identities, LGBTQ + youth, and multilingual learners


  • To offer opportunities and access to joyful, rigorous, and enriching instruction and resources 


  • To build family and community partnerships for student success