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October 11, 2023


Redwood City, California


October 11, 2023


1.         Call to Order

President Márquez called the Closed Session to order at 5:48 p.m.


1.1           Roll Call

Present at the Closed Board meeting: President Cecilia Márquez, Vice-President Janet Lawson; Trustees Mike Wells and Alisa MacAvoy; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Closed Board meeting: CBO Rick Edson, Peter Ingram, and Clarissa Canady


Absent during the Closed Board meeting: Trustee David Weekly


2.         Oral Communication on Closed Session Items Only



3.         Closed Session - 5:45 PM (Closed to the Public)


3.1       CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Gov. Code, 54956.8) Property: 750 Bradford St, Redwood City, CA 94063 Agency negotiators: John Baker, Superintendent, Peter Ingram, Consultant, and Clarissa Canady, Legal Counsel, Negotiating parties: Redwood City School District and The Sobrato Organization Under negotiation: Price and terms of payment of Property Exchange Agreement


4.         Reconvene to Regular Session at Approximately 7:00 PM

The School Board reconvened for the regular session at 7:01 p.m.


4.1       Roll Call

Present at the Regular Board meeting: President Cecilia Márquez, Vice-President Janet Lawson; Trustees Mike Wells and Alisa MacAvoy; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Regular Board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly, Will Robertson, Amy Gerstein, Ana Paula Garay, Itzel Gloria, and others


Absent during the Regular Board meeting: Trustee David Weekly


4.2       Report Out on Closed Session from October 11, 2023

President Márquez reported no action was taken.


5.         Welcome

President Márquez welcomed those present.


6.      Changes to the Agenda



7.      Approval of the Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as submitted (Lawson, MacAvoy; 4-0).


Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Wells (Ayes)

Vice-President Lawson (Ayes)

President Márquez (Ayes)


8.         Oral Communication



9.         Bond Program Consent Items

The School Board approved the Bond Program Consent Items (Wells, MacAvoy; 4-0), taking the following action:


9.1       Recommendation re: Approval of Bond Program Consent Items

9.2       Recommendation re: Approval of Measure T Bond Program Tracking List of Items Under $20k

9.3       Recommendation re: Approval of Construction Management Agreement Amendment #4 for Garfield Community School with RGM Kramer, Inc.

9.4       Recommendation re: Approval of Proposal and Change Order #1 for Irrigation Upgrades with Scapes for Taft Community School


Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Wells (Ayes)

Vice-President Lawson (Ayes)

President Márquez (Ayes)


10.       Bond Program Action Items



11.       School/Community Reports


11.1     Redwood City Together Board Presentation

Rafael Avendaño, the Executive Director of Redwood City Together, delivered a presentation to the School Board. During this presentation, he discussed the efforts of Redwood City Together and its collaborative initiatives with various partners aimed at enhancing the local community.


The Board of Trustees, Superintendent Baker, and Amy Gerstein expressed their appreciation to Rafael for his leadership and acknowledged the significant contributions made by Redwood City Together in benefitting the community.


11.2     Mental Health Board Presentation

Amy Gerstein thanked RCSD for its long-standing partnership. Kristin Geiser, Deputy Director of the John W. Gardner Center, briefed the School Board on the Mental Health Collaborative highlights for the 2022-23 school year and on the second-year implementation study highlights. Dr. Shashank Joshi shared his thoughts regarding the collaboration.


Ana Paula Garay briefed the School Board on the counseling services provided to RCSD students, and the student and teacher survey results.


President Márquez asked the counselors about their methods for relaxation, and they provided their responses.


Trustee MacAvoy inquired about the available resources for the staff which Ana Paula responded.


The Trustees and Superintendent Baker thanked Ana Paula, the counselors, and the Stanford partners for all of their work and support with the Mental Health Collaborative.


Superintendent Baker shared a recap on how the Mental Health partnership came to be.


11.3     Report regarding base line data for iReady Diagnostic Exam results

Jenny Tran and Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera presented the School Board with a report on the fall 2023 baseline data for iReady local assessments, along with updates on new training initiatives and the rollout of a new curriculum.


Vice-President Lawson inquired if the iReady math test portion was accessible in Spanish for Newcomer students, and both Jenny and Anna affirmed that the test is indeed available in Spanish.


Trustee MacAvoy asked if there were other supports that teachers have asked for to help students with reading and comprehension, to which Anna Herrera responded.


Trustee Wells asked for clarification on how the literacy instruction is different with this year's new resources vs last year and Anna provided a response.


President Márquez asked if English Learners were also accounted for in the percentages for SDC, and Anna provided an answer. President Márquez also inquired about what kind of support was available for parents to help their students with the new learning approach.


Cynthia Zúniga praised the district for using the Heggerty program. She also inquired about the overall literacy curriculum used in general education throughout the district. Anna responded that the overall curriculum used by the district is called Benchmark.


Trustee MacAvoy praised Anna Herrera for her leadership, and she also praised the teachers and coaches.


The Trustees and Superintendent Baker extended their gratitude to Anna Herrera for her presentation and for her dedicated work. Additionally, they expressed their enthusiasm for the new curriculum.


The School Board took a 5-minute recess at 9:06 p.m.


12.       Discussion Items


12.1     Recommendation to Convene Board Study Session to Update the Board of Trustees on Potential Workforce Housing Project

Superintendent Baker and the School Board agreed to convene for a Board Study Session on November 2, 2023, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m., to update the Trustees on the potential workforce housing project at the Hoover Gymnasium.


12.2     First Reading and Discussion of Board Policy 5141.6 - School Health Services

The School Board and Superintendent Baker discussed the 4th paragraph on page one of Board Policy 5141.6. The Board Policy will be brought back to the school board on October 25, for a second reading and approval.


12.3     First Reading and Discussion of Board Policy 1113 - District and School Websites

No questions or comments.


12.4     First Reading and Discussion of Board Policy 5141.5 - Mental Health

No questions or comments.


12.5     First Reading and Discussion of Board Policy 6177 - Summer Learning

No questions or comments.


13.       Consent Items

The School Board approved the Consent Items (Lawson, Wells; 4-0), taking the following action:


13.1     Recommendation re:  Approval of Consent Items

13.2     Recommendation re:  Approval of September 27 Board Meeting Minutes

13.3     Recommendation re:  Approval of Agreement Between Redwood City School

District and Park Planet

13.4     Recommendation re:  Acceptance of the Measure T Citizens' Bond Oversight

Committee FY 2021-22 Annual Report

13.5     Recommendation re:  Approval of the Tentative Agreement between the

California School Employee Association Chapter V and the Redwood City School


13.6     Recommendation re:  Ratification of Warrant Registers, September 1, 2023 - September 30, 2023


Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Wells (Ayes)

Vice-President Lawson (Ayes)

President Márquez (Ayes)


14.       Action Items



15.       Board and Superintendent Reports


15.1     Report from Board Members and Superintendent

Trustee Wells reported that all the Trustees attended the Experience Dyslexia immersive event at the Redwood City Library. He also attended the Education Committee meeting and the Latino Heritage Speaker’s Series organized by the Latino Leaders Coalition of the Bay Area (LLCBA).


Trustee MacAvoy stated the Dyslexia Experience was very powerful for those who attended. Trustee MacAvoy also reported attending a CSBA Board Meeting and briefed the School Board on the AI task force being put together. She also informed the School Board regarding a new Ethics Training requirement. Moreover, Trustee MacAvoy reported attending an RCTA Union Membership meeting, a Workforce Housing Committee meeting, and a Policy Committee meeting.


Vice-President Lawson reported that all the meetings she attended had already been mentioned.


President Márquez commented on what a challenging experience the Dyslexia event was. President Márquez also reported attending the CLSBA Unity Conference. Lastly, she informed the School Board of the last Speaker’s Series happening on Friday, October 13th.


Superintendent Baker reported that the meetings he attended had already been mentioned. He added that he had his final two meetings with the strategic planning consultants.


16.       Information


16.1     Information on San Mateo County Investment Fund - August 2023

No questions or comments.


17.       Correspondence

Trustee MacAvoy reported receiving correspondence from a community member inquiring about the budget. She also received a phone message from a community member regarding the committees.


Vice-President Lawson reported receiving an email from a parent regarding the Mandarin Immersion program.


18.       Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda



19.       Board Meetings Calendar


19.1     Changes to the Board Meetings Calendar

Added a Study Session for November 2nd.


20.       Adjournment

The School Board adjourned the meeting at 9:50 p.m. (Lawson, MacAvoy; 4-0).