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November 2, 2023


Redwood City, California


November 2, 2023


1.         Call to Order

President Márquez called the Study Session to order at 6:00 p.m.


1.1           Roll Call

Present at the Study Session Board meeting: President Cecilia Márquez, Vice-President Janet Lawson; Trustees Mike Wells, Alisa MacAvoy, and David Weekly; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Study Session Board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly, Peter Ingram, Rafael Avendaño, Gonzalo Cordova, and many others.


2.         Welcome

President Márquez welcomed those present.


3.      Changes to the Agenda



4.      Approval of the Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as submitted (Wells, Weekly; 5-0).


Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Wells (Ayes)

Vice-President Lawson (Ayes)

President Márquez (Ayes)


5.         Information


5.1       Update on Workforce Housing

Peter Ingram, consultant, presented the Study Session attendees with a presentation on the Workforce Housing feasibility study. The goal is to discuss and learn whether the district can offer new apartments to employees at 25-35% under the market rental rates.


Andrew Lie and Kalimah Salahuddin, from the School Board of Trustees at Jefferson Union High School District, presented to the Redwood City School Board and meeting attendees their experience with their workforce housing project, the reasoning for the project, their feasibility study feedback, outreach, and results.


The RCSD Trustees thanked Peter, Andrew, and Kalimah for their presentations and expressed gratitude for the information provided. They asked Andrew and Kalimah clarifying questions about their workforce housing, including its financial viability. Andrew stated that it generated surplus funds which were being held for future maintenance. President Márquez also inquired about the housing unit filling process to which Andrew responded.


6.         Oral Communication

The public was given an opportunity to share their comments, questions, or concerns regarding RCSD’s Workforce Housing feasibility study.


7.         Adjournment

The School Board adjourned the meeting at 7:58 p.m. (MacAvoy, Wells; 5-0).