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May 8, 2024


Redwood City, California


May 8, 2024


1.         Call to Order

President Lawson called the Regular Session to order at 7:00 p.m.


1.1           Roll Call

Present at the Regular Board meeting: President Janet Lawson; Trustees Alisa MacAvoy, David Weekly, and Cecilia Márquez; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Regular Board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly, Chief Business Official Rick Edson, and many others.


2.         Welcome

President Lawson welcomed those present.


Vice-President Mike Wells officially joined the meeting.


3.      Changes to the Agenda

President Lawson requested moving Consent Item 8.3 to Action.


4.      Approval of the Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as amended (MacAvoy, Weekly; 5-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


5.         Oral Communication


Ana Solorio, President of the RCSD CSEA Union (Redwood City School District California School Employees Association), spoke before the School Board advocating for a fair salary increase for the dedicated classified staff. On behalf of the CSEA Chapter 5 Union, Anna Solorio urged the board to reconsider the amount approved during negotiations.


Maria Stockton, a member of the Redwood City School District Chapter V of the

California School Employees Association highlighted her perceived concerns regarding classified staff being denied leave of absence. She recounted instances where employees faced situations, such as caring for an ill family member, and were compelled to resign due to lack of leave. She questioned the decision-making process behind such denials, whether it rested with the board or district personnel. She urged for more compassion and consideration, emphasizing the dedication of classified staff and the need for support during challenging times.


In response, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly offered to address the concerns by

reaching out to review the contract language and process relevant to leaves for CSEA employees.


Mike Swire expressed gratitude for the opportunity to speak and thanked the board for their service to the Redwood City educational community. He reiterated his previous request, made almost a year ago, to remove the name of Henry Ford, known for his anti-Semitic views, from a school in the district. He appreciated Trustee David Weekly's prompt response to his email. However, he expressed disappointment at the lack of response from other board members and district officials. He urged the board to address the issue, emphasizing the need for inclusivity and the removal of figures who don't reflect the values of the community.


6.         Bond Program Action Items


6.1       Recommendation re: Approval of Measure S Architectural Pool


Eric Van Pelt addressed the School Board and introduced the pool of architectural firms for Measure S. He explained the process of establishing such a pool, where firms submit proposals, which are then evaluated by the district. Six firms were selected based on their qualifications from the 21 respondents to the Request for Proposals (RFP) issued on March 1, 2024. Mr. Van Pelt emphasizes that there is no financial commitment at this time. He stated that the selected firms will be considered for specific projects as they arise.


Trustee Weekly inquired about the selection process for the architectural pool to which Mr. Van Pelt responded.


Trustee MacAvoy thanked Eric for the presentation. She emphasized the importance of early planning, particularly in terms of sustainability and climate readiness in architectural plans. She reiterated the board's interest in green schools and reducing energy consumption, highlighting the potential for cost savings in the long term. Trustee MacAvoy also shared insights from a recent symposium and suggested following the Federal Green School application as a guide for facility planning. She emphasized the need to set a good example for the community and prepare for climate change. Lastly, she offered to share a resource list with Eric to support these efforts.


Vice President Wells expressed satisfaction with the selection process and the clarity of the rubric used. He inquired about the timeline for community engagement and gathering feedback for the facility master plan update and Mr. Van Pelt answered.


Trustee Márquez expressed appreciation for Martin Cervantes and Rick Edson for their involvement in the selection process.


President Lawson expressed gratitude to Eric and Rick for presenting the selection of architectural firms. She acknowledged the quality of the firms, noting their impressive work in education facilities both locally and across the Bay Area. She highlighted their focus on sustainability, indicating that they align well with the district's goals.


The School Board approved the Measure S Architectural Pool (Wells, Weekly; 5-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


7.         School/Community Reports


7.1       Information on 2022-23 Financial and Performance Audits Building Fund (Measure T & S) for RCSD

Angela Lee from Eide Bailly reported on the 2022-23 Financial and Performance Audits Building Fund for both Measure T & S Bond programs for the Redwood City School District. She stated that expenditures aligned with the voter-approved bond project list, payroll expenditures were allowable, and bidding and procurement procedures were in compliance with district regulations. She presented the audit result, which yielded a clean opinion, indicating that the financial statements were fairly stated, there were no deficiencies in internal control, and the district was in compliance with the performance audit.


The Trustees thanked Ms. Lee, CBO Rick Edson, the Business Department, and Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly for their work and involvement with the audit.


8.         Consent Items

The School Board approved the Consent Items (MacAvoy, Márquez; 5-0), taking the following action:


8.1       Recommendation re:  Approval of Consent Items

8.2       Recommendation re:  Approval of the April 17 Board Meeting Minutes

8.4       Recommendation re:  Approval of the Addendum to North Star Academy's 2023-

24 Measure U Application

8.5       Recommendation re:  Approval of the Second Amendment between the

Redwood City School District and Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates for the 2023-2024

School Year

8.6       Recommendation re:  Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the agreement between

Redwood City School District and Amergis Educational Staffing Services (formally

Maxim Healthcare Services) for 2023-2024

8.7       Recommendation re:  Approval of Additional Personnel Needed for 2024-2025

8.8       Recommendation re:  Ratification of Warrant Registers, April 1, 2024 - April 30,



Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


9.         Action Items


8.3       Recommendation re:  Approval of the Addendum No. 2 to Orion's 2023-24 Measure U Application


Sue Jorgensen expressed concerns regarding Orion’s Measure U Addendum, particularly regarding provisions allowing teachers to lead or participate in school decisions. She expressed concern about a potential conflict of interest, as site councils, which include teachers, determine fund allocations.


Vice President Wells noted that it had been customary to offer stipends to teachers who worked beyond their regular hours.


Trustee Weekly inquired about the procedure for presenting the addendum to the School Board and Superintendent Baker responded.


The School Board approved addendum No. 2 to Orion's 2023-24 Measure U application (Márquez, Wells; 4-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Abstain)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


10.       Board and Superintendent Reports


10.1     Report from Board Members and Superintendent

Vice President Wells reported attending the Clifford Move-A-Thon, the Día del Niño celebrations at Adelante Selby and Hoover School, the Kennedy Middle School Adam’s Family Musical, and both of Dr. Baker’s ACSA Superintendent Award of the Year celebrations.


Trustee MacAvoy reported attending various events and workshops, including the ACSA and Henry Ford celebrations for Dr. Baker’s recognition. She also participated in the Roy Cloud Family Day, Día del Niño at Adelante Selby and Hoover schools, and workshops on sustainability and artificial intelligence hosted by the San Mateo County Office of Education. Furthermore, she met with representatives from Mathnasium, who have been providing tutoring at Orion. Additionally, she attended several CSBA committee meetings.


Trustee Márquez reported attending the ACSA and Henry Ford celebrations for Dr. Baker, as well as the DELAC meeting at Hoover. She also acknowledged the presence of a parent DELAC representative from Kennedy during the meeting.


Trustee Weekly reported meeting with several parents to discuss the future of Orion. He also met with Erinn Washburn, the RCTA President, to discuss metacognition and best practices for the priority schools. Additionally, Trustee Weekly connected with a few vendors regarding Chinese instruction.


President Lawson reported attending the RCTA brunch.


Superintendent Baker highlighted that the events he attended had already been mentioned. Additionally, he met with Hayley Dupuy, Principal of Connect.


11.       Information


11.1     Information on San Mateo County Investment Fund - March 2024

No questions or comments.


11.2     Redwood City School District Review of KIPP's Second Interim Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2023-24

No questions or comments.


11.3     Redwood City School District Review of Connect's Second Interim Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2023-24

No questions or comments.


11.4     Redwood City School District Review of Rocketship's Second Interim Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2023-24

No questions or comments.


12.       Correspondence

Trustee MacAvoy reported receiving a few texts and calls from community members.


13.       Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda

Connect Community Charter School report.


Trustee Weekly requested formalization of the board’s policy regarding acceleration.


14.       Board Meetings Calendar

Closed Session on May 22, 2024, from 5:50 p.m. to 6:50 p.m.


14.1     Changes to the Board Meetings Calendar



15.       Adjournment

The School Board adjourned the meeting at 7:45 p.m. (Weekly, Wells; 5-0).