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January 10, 2024


Redwood City, California


January 10, 2024


1.         Call to Order

President Lawson called the Regular Board Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


1.1           Roll Call

Present at the Regular Board meeting: President Janet Lawson, Vice-President Mike Wells; Trustees Alisa MacAvoy, David Weekly, and Cecilia Márquez; and Superintendent Baker.


Others present during the Regular Board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly, CBO Rick Edson, Winnie Wong, Brianna Turner, Maribel Ibarra, David Camarena, Karina Arellano, Gonzalo Cordova, and others.


2.         Welcome

President Lawson welcomed those present.


3.      Changes to the Agenda



4.      Approval of the Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as submitted (Márquez, Wells; 5-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


5.         Oral Communication



6.         School/Community Reports


6.1       Orion and Taft School Presentations for the 2023-2024 School Year

Orion and Taft School administrators showcased how they are addressing the implementation of new academic initiatives, exemplifying student voice and parent engagement, and organizing school events. These efforts are aligned with their site LCAP goals and SPSA plans.


Trustee Weekly asked Principal Winnie Wong to clarify her statement about the target for Orion MI students to achieve full biliteracy. Winnie explained in response to the inquiry.


Vice-President Wells inquired how CRLP and Heggerty are implemented in the Mandarin Immersion program to which Vice Principal Brianna Turner responded. Additionally, he inquired about the student empathy interviews and Student Shadows, to which Principal Winnie Wong responded.


Trustee MacAvoy praised the Orion team for all of their work and emphasized the multicultural education happening at Orion.


President Lawson commended the cohesive environment at Orion School, highlighting the collaborative efforts of parents and the community in organizing events. Furthermore, she expressed appreciation for Mr. Howell's dedication to STEAM education.


Superintendent Baker recounted the journey that led Ms. Winnie Wong to become the principal of Orion. He also shared with the School Board that Principal Wong will be presenting at the CA Association for Bilingual Education (CABE) regarding the Science of Reading and how it can be integrated into Mandarin foundational skill development. Principal Wong briefed the board on what she would be presenting at CABE.


Trustee Márquez commended Taft Principal David Camarena for his outstanding personality. Additionally, she praised him for fostering and maintaining partnerships, as well as for actively promoting parent engagement at Taft.


Trustee Weekly inquired about the existence of a PTO at Taft. In response, Superintendent Baker and Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera clarified to Trustee Weekly the challenges of having a PTO at Taft. Trustee Weekly also asked about transportation, and Principal David Camarena clarified that it is not an issue. Lastly, Trustee Weekly inquired about the efficacy of the different attendance interventions to which Principal Camarena responded.


Trustee MacAvoy thanked Principal Camarena for the presentation and extended gratitude to all the teachers and staff at Taft. She highlighted all the programs that are used at Taft to provide support for the students and families.


Vice-President Wells asked if the mental health needs were being met at the school, and Principal Camarena responded. Vice-President Wells commended Principal Camarena, highlighting the after-school programs at Taft.


President Lawson commended the Adaptive Physical Education class. Additionally, she recounted her experience interacting with Kennedy School students in Downtown Redwood City, where they spoke highly of then Vice Principal Camarena. She praised him for his ability to build rapport with the students.


Superintendent Baker emphasized Principal Camarena's newsletter, noting how he personalizes it by including pictures of his family along with brief excerpts. He also praised Principal Camarena’s data sheets.


The Trustees and Superintendent Baker expressed their gratitude for the Orion Principal Winnie Wong, Assistant Principal Brianna Turner, MTSS TOSA Maribel Ibarra, Taft Principal David Camarena, Assistant Principal Karina Arellano, and both schools’ staff for the presentations and unwavering dedication to their communities.


The School Board took a break during the meeting at 8:38 p.m. and reconvened at 8:45 p.m.


6.2       Report on Local Indicator Measurement for the California Dashboard


Jenny Tran provided a report to the school board on the Redwood City School District's School Dashboard. The California Dashboard presents the results of various measures assessing how local educational agencies (LEAs) and schools are addressing the needs of their students.


Trustee Márquez and Trustee Weekly asked for clarification on what kind of support the district would receive and Jenny Tran and Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera responded.


Trustee MacAvoy sought clarification on the difficulty of moving out of the red or orange categories for the English learners' student group, and Assistant Superintendent Herrera and Jenny Tran explained.


6.3       Report on Recent iReady Diagnostic Exam Results


Jenny Tran presented information to the school board regarding the districtwide iReady assessment results for December (Winter) and compared them with the results from September (Fall).


Trustee Weekly inquired if there was an improvement from last year’s performance data in the iReady Assessment compared to this year’s.


Trustee MacAvoy and Vice-President Wells thanked Jenny Tran for the presentation and for making the data easy to understand. Vice-President Wells noted that although the new curriculum was implemented, it will take time to see growth in student assessment data.


7.         Consent Items

The School Board approved the Consent Items (Wells, MacAvoy; 5-0), taking the following action:


7.1       Recommendation re:  Approval of Consent Items

7.2       Recommendation re:  Approval of December 19 Board Meeting Minutes

7.3       Recommendation re:  Approval of Student Instructional Calendars for the 2024-

2025 School Year

7.4       Recommendation re:  Approval of the 2023-2024 Certificated Seniority Report

7.5       Recommendation re:  Approval of the 2023-2024 Classified Seniority Reports

7.6       Recommendation re:  Approval to Extend the Terms of Measure U Parcel Tax

Citizens Oversight Committee Members

7.7       Recommendation re:  Ratification of Warrant Registers, December 1, 2023 –

December 31, 2023


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


8.         Action Items


8.1       Recommendation re:  Approval of the 2023/24 First Interim Budget Report for RCSD

CBO Rick Edson provided the School Board and Superintendent Baker with the 2023-24 First Interim Budget Report for RCSD. The First Interim Report incorporates adjustments to revenues, expenditures, and fund balances up to October 31, 2023.


The School Board expressed gratitude to CBO Rick Edson and the staff in the Business Department for their dedicated efforts and for compiling the report.


The School Board approved the 2023/24 First Interim Budget Report for RCSD (MacAvoy, Weekly; 5-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


At 10:00 pm, the School Board voted to extend the meeting until 10:30 p.m. (MacAvoy, Weekly; 5-0)


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Ayes)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


9.         Board and Superintendent Reports


9.1       Report from Board Members and Superintendent

There were no reports from the Board Trustees and Superintendent Baker.


10.       Information


10.1     Information on San Mateo County Investment Fund - November 2023

No questions or comments.


11.       Correspondence



12.       Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda



13.       Board Meetings Calendar


13.1     Changes to the Board Meetings Calendar



14.       Adjournment

The School Board adjourned the meeting at 10:06 p.m. (Weekly, Márquez; 5-0).