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December 19, 2023


Redwood City, California


December 19, 2023


1.         Call to Order

President Lawson called the Closed Session to order at 6:01 p.m.


1.1           Roll Call

Present at the Closed Board meeting: President Janet Lawson, Vice-President Mike Wells; Trustees Alisa MacAvoy and Cecilia Márquez; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Closed Board meeting: CBO Rick Edson, Peter Ingram, and Clarissa Canady


Absent during the Closed Session meeting: Trustee David Weekly.


2.         Oral Communication on Closed Session Items Only



3.         Closed Session - 6:00 PM (Closed to the Public)


3.1       CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS (Gov. Code, 54956.8) Property: 750 Bradford St, Redwood City, CA 94063 Agency negotiators: John Baker, Superintendent, Peter Ingram, Consultant, and Clarissa Canady, Legal Counsel, Negotiating parties: Redwood City School District and The Sobrato Organization Under negotiation: Price and terms of payment of Property Exchange Agreement


4.         Reconvene to Regular Session at Approximately 7:00 PM

The School Board reconvened for the regular session at 7:01 p.m.


4.1       Roll Call

Present at the Regular Board meeting: President Janet Lawson, Vice-President Mike Wells; Trustees Alisa MacAvoy and Cecilia Márquez; and Superintendent Baker


Others present during the Regular Board meeting: Assistant Superintendent Liz Wolfe, Assistant Superintendent Anna Herrera, Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly, CBO Rick Edson, and others.


Absent during the Regular Board meeting: Trustee David Weekly.


4.2       Report Out on Closed Session from December 19, 2023

No action was taken.


5.         Welcome

President Lawson welcomed those present.


6.      Changes to the Agenda

President Lawson requested to add an agenda item, 9.2 Recognition of Board Member.


Trustee MacAvoy and President Lawson requested the addition of agenda item 9.0 Staff Recognition.


7.      Approval of the Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as amended (Wells, MacAvoy; 4-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


8.         Oral Communication



9.         Community/Staff Recognition


9.0       Staff Recognition

Superintendent Baker expressed commendation for Liz Wolfe's extensive years of service to the RCSD. During the briefing to the School Board, he provided an overview of Liz's notable work history, highlighting her significant contributions as an educator in both San Mateo County and Santa Clara County. Liz has dedicated an aggregate of 24.5 years to the RCSD, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to education throughout her career.


Liz Wolfe spoke before the School Board to convey her heartfelt appreciation for their consistent support, thoughtfulness, respect, and dedication to the students, families, and staff of the Redwood City School District. She expressed the honor she felt in receiving her plaque and being recognized for her 40 years of dedication to education. Additionally, Liz extended her gratitude to Dr. Baker for the invitation to return to the district.


The Trustees expressed their appreciation for Liz and commended her for her unwavering dedication to the Redwood City School District. Trustee MacAvoy expressed her gratitude for her exemplary service emphasizing the profound legacy created through impacting thousands of children over 40 years in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. Vice President Wells echoed the previous sentiment. He expressed being personally grateful for the Adelante Spanish Immersion program because of how beneficial it is for all the students who attend. Trustee Márquez recounted how she met Liz 20 years ago at the PTO and ELAC meetings and praised her great attitude and calm demeanor. President Lawson reflected on the past, recalling the excitement that accompanied Liz's return to the district. She emphasized Liz's notable kindness and calm demeanor, expressing gratitude for being a part of Liz's legacy.


9.1       Recognition of Cecilia I. Márquez

Superintendent Baker and the trustees expressed gratitude for Trustee Márquez's leadership during her one-year tenure as Board President.


Superintendent Baker found inspiration in reflecting on Trustee Márquez's journey, starting as a committed member of the Superintendent's Advisory Council and a passionate parent leader. He extended gratitude for her dedicated service and the profound impact she made on the district and its community.


President Lawson expressed thanks to Trustee Márquez not only for leading the School Board but also for her involvement with the Latino School Board Association. President Lawson highlighted the value of having Trustee Márquez on the board, considering her unique experiences as a newcomer and a classified employee.


Vice President Wells expressed his gratitude to Trustee Márquez for her assistance over the past three years and conveyed his honor of being her colleague.


Trustee MacAvoy echoed these sentiments, praising Trustee Márquez as a role model for the community. She commended Trustee Márquez for the valuable perspective she brings to the board.


Trustee Márquez agreed with Liz’s sentiment, emphasizing the cohesiveness of the school board team. She recounted her initial experience upon joining the School Board, noting how welcoming all the trustees were. Trustee Márquez expressed her desire to help the community, a commitment that has been a natural extension of her 20 years of active involvement as a parent. She concluded by thanking them for their kind words.


9.2       Recognition of Board Member

President Lawson presented Trustee MacAvoy with a certificate of appreciation from CSBA for her exceptional contribution to the CSBA Annual Education Conference and tradeshow.


10.       Consent Items

The School Board approved the Consent Items (Márquez, Wells; 4-0), taking the following action:


10.1     Recommendation re:  Approval of Consent Items

10.2     Recommendation re:  Approval of December 6 Board Meeting Minutes

10.3     Recommendation re:  Approval of Addendum to Measure U Application for

2023-24 for Hoover Community School

10.4     Recommendation re:  Approval of the Agreement between the Redwood City

School District and Redwood City Together for Additional Funding for the 2023-24

School Year

10.5     Recommendation re:  Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement between

the Redwood City School District and the San Mateo Sheriffs Activities League

10.6     Recommendation re:  Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement between

the Redwood City School District and Hatchuel Tabernik & Associates for the 2023-2024

School Year

10.7     Recommendation re:  Approval of Amendment No. 1 to the Agreement between

William Gomez and the Redwood City School District


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


11.       Action Items


11.1     Recommendation re:  Approval of Annual Developer Fee Report - Fiscal Year 2022-23

No questions or comments.


The School Board approved the Annual Developer Fee Report - Fiscal Year 2022-23 (Márquez, Wells; 4-0).


Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee Weekly (Absent)

Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Vice-President Wells (Ayes)

President Lawson (Ayes)


12.       Board and Superintendent Reports


12.1     Report from Board Members and Superintendent

Trustee Márquez reported attending the Hoover and MIT Winter Festivals and expressed appreciation for the organization and arrangement of the festivals.


Trustee MacAvoy reported out on her recent activities, including her attendance at the MIT Winter Festival, where she noted the event's success as a fundraiser. She mentioned the presence of Dr. Baker and Deputy Superintendent Wendy Kelly at the festival. Additionally, Trustee MacAvoy reported participating in MIT's Cafecito, where she commended Susana for presenting the panorama survey results effectively. She also attended a 2x2x2 meeting, and she praised Dr. Baker's discussion of the district's mental health program. She also highlighted various topics covered during the meeting. Trustee MacAvoy visited Hoover School, touring the facility with Lupe. Lastly, she reported attending a Workforce Housing Committee Meeting.


Vice-President Wells reported attending the MIT and Hoover Winter Festivals. Additionally, he attended Adelante Selby’s production of Annie Kids. Lastly, Vice-President Wells reported visiting Taft School where he had the opportunity to observe the trimester awards ceremony and received a tour of the school.


President Lawson reported on her recent activities, beginning with her attendance at the Workforce Housing Committee meeting and Hoover's Holiday Sing alongside Dr. Baker. She also attended Connect's Holiday Project Presentation, and while at Connect, Principal Hailey provided her with a school tour. Additionally, she attended Kennedy's Winter Concert and, on Saturday morning, virtually watched Kennedy's Jazz band performance at Stanford. President Lawson was present at the district's Holiday Breakfast and the 2x2x2 meeting. Furthermore, she highlighted artwork from Roy Cloud students and a Kennedy artwork contest. She informed the school board about Roy Cloud's upcoming poster contest on inclusivity. President Lawson plans to rotate the displayed art monthly.


Superintendent Baker commented that many of the activities/events he attended had already been mentioned. He expressed how great it was to resume such fun activities.


13.       Correspondence



14.       Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda



15.       Board Meetings Calendar


15.1     Changes to the Board Meetings Calendar



16.       Adjournment

The School Board adjourned the meeting at 7:55 p.m. (Márquez, Wells; 4-0).