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September 14th, 2022 - Special Session


Redwood City, California


September 14, 2022


1.         Call to Order

President Díaz-Slocum called the special board meeting to order at 6:29 p.m.


1.1       Roll Call

Present at the Special Session Meeting: President María Díaz-Slocum, Vice-President Cecilia I. Márquez; Trustees Janet Lawson; Trustee Mike Wells, Trustee Alisa MacAvoy, and Superintendent John Baker. 


Others Present: Martin Cervantes, Rick Edson, Liz Wolfe, Don Dias, Will Robertson, Sarah Garrett, Annabelle Vitali, Candy Burns and others.


2.         Welcome

2.1       Welcome

President Díaz-Slocum welcomed those present.


3.         Changes to the Agenda



4.         Approval of Agenda

The School Board approved the agenda as submitted, (Wells, Márquez; 5-0).


5.         Oral Communication



6.         Bond Program Action Items


6.1       Recommendation re: Measure T Bond Program Budget Update Presentation and Adoption of New Budget

The Bond Program Team, comprised of Don Dias, Will Robertson, and Sarah Garret provided the School Board with a detailed presentation of updated program revenue and proposed budgets for all projects.


Don Dias, Director of Bond Construction, presented to the School Board that the Measure T Facilities Improvement is near its end. Currently, there are a few tasks and bids remaining.


Sarah presented the program budget overview and revenue update. The Measure T project is now in close-out and is in the process of capturing the last expenditures. Sarah presented a list of all transactions reconciled with the district’s primary system. The new total of the program revenue is $214,677,769.


Will presented details on the status and proposed budgets for the projects.


Trustee MacAvoy asked to confirm if the $1.8 million was what was left.


In response to Trustee MacAvoy’s question, Don and Will both responded that was correct.


Don Dias commented the Measure T program is still in the process of finishing.


In conclusion, the Bond Program Team asked for approval on the proposed budget.


The School Board approved the Measure T Bond Program budget update presentation and adoption of new budget, (MacAvoy, Wells; 5-0).


Trustee MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Wells (Ayes)

Trustee Lawson (Ayes)

Vice-President Márquez (Ayes)

President Díaz-Slocum (Ayes)


Trustee MacAvoy commented that one of the reasons for not having questions is because the Bond Program Team kept the School Board well informed. Additionally, she expressed being very proud of how the team came in under budget and sooner than expected. Also, she recognized how this late in the project there is still $1.8 million as a reserve to fill in any gaps. She thanked the Bond Program Team. She also thanked Trustees Lawson and Wells for being part of the bond committee. Lastly, she thanked Superintendent Baker for his leadership.


President Díaz-Slocum also thanked the bond team and especially Don. She is grateful for all the work Don has done over the years and expressed he has made a big difference. He has improved the community and improved the school sites. Don is leaving behind a legacy with all the beautiful buildings. She thanked the bond team for keeping the School Board informed and for saving money in every place that they could.


Sarah reported the Measure T program has tackled some of the highest priority facilities needs that the district had. Together, the team was able to complete more than what was set out to. Sarah thanked everyone in the room for all of the hard work.


Don reflected on the Measure T program and its accomplishments in improving facilities. The Measure T projects are now 95% complete. The district now has robust and modern technology. The schools are more safe and secure. There is still work left to do which is phase two, Measure S.


Trustee Wells thanked the bond team as well. He appreciated the comments and tonight’s contributions.


Superintendent Baker reminisced on how this project started and how the district partnered up with RGM to make sure the work was done within the confines of the budget and on time. He thanked Sarah for her expertise. He thanked Will and the team for all of their work.


18.       Adjournment

Trustee MacAvoy made the motion in honor of Don Dias.

The board adjourned the meeting at 7:07 p.m. (MacAvoy, Márquez; 5-0).