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April 1, 2020 - Regular Meeting



Redwood City, California


April 1, 2020


  1. Call to Order

President Lawson called the regular board meeting to order at 7:01 p.m. via Zoom Teleconference Meeting. 

Present at the Regular Board Meeting: President Janet Lawson, Vice-President Alisa MacAvoy; Trustees María Díaz-Slocum, Cecilia I. Márquez, and Dennis McBride, and Superintendent Baker. 

  1. Welcome

2.1 Welcome

2.2 Pledge of Allegiance

President Lawson welcomed those present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by President Lawson’s son, Jude Lawson.

Others Present During the Regular Board Meeting: Wendy Kelly, Linda Montes, Priscilla Aquino-Dichoso, Don Dias, Will Robertson, Jorge Quintana, Antonio Pérez, Kyle Brumbaugh, Antonio Pérez, Patricia Ortiz, Patricia Pelino, Andrea Garen, Martin Cervantes, Itzel Ramírez, Gonzálo Cordova, Kevin Sugar, Shana Hackworth, Leslie Stafford, Kim Abbott, Melanie Davenport, Pablo López, Michelle Beutler, Emily Yonce, and many others.

  1. Changes to the Agenda

Trustee McBride requested that a Staff Recognition be added subsequent to Oral Communication. 

  1. Approval of Agenda

The board approved the agenda as submitted, (MacAvoy, Márquez; 5-0).

  1. Oral Communication
  • No oral communication comments.
  • Trustee Dennis McBride thanked RCSD staff members: The Facilities’ Department, custodians, Child Nutrition Services, teachers, principals, Cabinet members, District Office staff, and Superintendent Baker for their hard work during the stay at home order.
  1. Bond Program Consent Items (Action Required)

The board approved the Bond Program Consent Items (McBride/Márquez; 5-0), taking the following action:

6.1 Recommendation re: Approval of Agreement for a Modernization Project with ICC at Adelante Selby School

6.2 Recommendation re: Approval of Additional Legacy Closeout Support Proposal with WLC Architects at Clifford School

6.3 Recommendation re: Approval of Tracking List for Measure T Bond Program Items Under $20K

6.4 Recommendation re: Approval of Utility Fees with the City of Redwood City for Hoover School

6.5 Recommendation re: Approval of Motorized Gate Proposal with A&D Auto Gate for North Star Academy

6.6 Recommendation re: Approval of Portable Rental Agreement with Mobile Modular for Roosevelt School

6.7 Recommendation re: Approval of Library Moving Services with Chipman for Taft School

President Lawson (Ayes)

Vice-President MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Díaz-Slocum (Ayes)

Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee McBride (Ayes)

  1. Bond Program Action Items (Action Required)

7.1 Recommendation re: Approval of Multi-Prime Construction Agreements with Various Contractors at Taft School

The School Board approved the multi-prime construction agreement with various contractors at Taft School (Díaz-Slocum/Márquez; 5-0).

President Lawson (Ayes)

Vice-President MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Díaz-Slocum (Ayes)

Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee McBride (Ayes)

  1. Discussion Items

8.1. Discussion of Actions taken by the Redwood City School District on COVID-19

Superintendent Baker thanked Cabinet administrators for their incredible work and support amidst the stay at home order. 

Cabinet administrators provided School Board members with an update on staff development, technology support (Chromebook and hotspot distribution), communications, food distribution, maintenance and cleaning of school sites and the District Office, special education, business office, wellness, student services and community outreach.

Speaker’s Cards:

Pablo López, RCSD parent, addressed the School Board by acknowledging the hard work of the Redwood City School District staff. Mr. López expressed his concern about the Special Education Department and the services offered to students, as he felt that students will face regression. Mr. López wanted to know what is the Special Education Department doing to ensure that students don’t have a substantial and hurtful regression? Mr. López wanted additional information on a plan for preschools receiving Special Education services.

Emily Yonce, RCSD parent, unable to speak during the Zoom meeting due to connectivity issues. 

Michelle Beutler, RCSD teacher, thanked the School District staff and thanked the Technology Department for providing technology support during a challenging time. Ms. Beutler commented that receiving the needed support has made teaching from home more manageable. 

RCSD parent of a 1st grade student (name not provided), requested that the School District send links and passwords to parents of the applications used by students.

In response to RCSD parent of a 1st grade student (name not provided), Director of Technology, Kyle Brumbaugh replied that the School District cannot provide links and passwords for security purposes. Director of Technology, Kyle Brumbaugh added that he would work with RCSD teachers to facilitate the login process for students. 

  1. Consent Items


10. Action Items (Action Required)

10.1 Recommendation re: Adoption of Resolution 21, Resolution of Emergency Relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Superintendent Baker commented that Resolution 21 would grant the Superintendent the authority to:

· Execute contracts without advertising or inviting bids; · The flexibility of the Maintenance and Operations Department to respond to emergency conditions at schools and sites as needed;

· The authority to take all necessary and appropriate action, upon duly notifying the Board to protect the District during the COVID-19 pandemic;

  • Cancel or modify any activities, programs, or courses, up to and including the temporary closure of schools and program sites, and to regulate or modify tenancies, leases, and other uses of school property by third parties;
  • Make further declarations of emergency and to take emergency action as permitted by board policy and relevant law;

· The authority to determine, upon duly notifying the Board and in accordance with relevant state and local guidance, when schools should be reopened because emergency conditions no longer exist and act to reopen schools;

  • The authority to take such further actions as may be necessary to protect student and staff health and safety, including, but not limited to, closing District schools that have been reopened, adjusting or reducing the length of the school day without further approval, or any other such action as may be necessary and prudent to protect the health and safety of District students and staff.

The School Board adopted Resolution 21, Resolution of Emergency Relating to Coronavirus (COVID-19) (Díaz-Slocum/McBride; 5-0).

President Lawson (Ayes)

Vice-President MacAvoy (Ayes)

Trustee Díaz-Slocum (Ayes)

Trustee Márquez (Ayes)

Trustee McBride (Ayes)

  1. Board and Superintendent Reports

11.1 Report from Board Members and Superintendent

Trustee McBride reporting working with Senator Jerry Hill’s Office to request a hold on the Federal Program Monitoring auditing. Trustee McBride commented that a community member would like to donate computers to the School District. Trustee McBride has been working with Director of Technology, Kyle Brumbaugh to get the donated computers marked and delivered where needed. 

Vice President MacAvoy reporting attending a California School Boards Association (CSBA) board meeting via Zoom. Vice President MacAvoy commented that CSBA board members will be doing a lot of advocacy around funding. Vice President MacAvoy has been doing weekly calls with the San Mateo County School Boards Association.

Trustee Díaz-Slocum reported helping families and directing them to the District Office staff.

Trustee Márquez did not have a report.

President Lawson reported attending many meetings via Zoom with the California School Boards Association and the San Mateo County School Boards Association. President Lawson, together with Vice-President MacAvoy and Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services PreK-5 Linda Montes have met virtually to discuss board policies. President Lawson thanked Superintendent Baker for sharing his notes to all board members and keeping the School Board informed. 

Superintendent Baker reported attending many meetings with Cabinet members, principals and superintendents. Superintendent Baker encouraged staff members to enjoy and relax during spring break!

  1. Information


  1. Correspondence

All board members reported receiving emails from parents.

  1. Other Business/Suggested Items for Future Agenda

Vice-President MacAvoy requested a COVID-19 update for the April 15th board meeting.

  1. Board Agenda Calendar

15.1 Changes to the Board Agenda Schedule

There were no changes to the board agenda schedule. 

  1. Adjournment (Action Required)

The board adjourned the meeting at 9:07 p.m. (McBride/MacAvoy; 5-0).


María Díaz-Slocum, Clerk