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October 16, 2018

OCTOBER 16, 2018


Redwood City, California


October 16, 2018

  1. Call to Order

President Díaz-Slocum called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at the McKinley Institute of Technology, (“MIT”), 400 Duane Street, Redwood City.

Present at the meeting: President María Díaz-Slocum, Vice-President Dennis McBride, Janet Lawson, Alisa MacAvoy, and Superintendent Baker.

Absent: Trustee Hilary Paulson.

  1. Welcome

President Díaz-Slocum welcomed those present. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.

Others Present: Linda Montes, Wendy Kelly, Jorge Quintana, Yesenia Lombera, Adam Talmadge, Katie Goetz, Sandra Calderón, José Rubio, Janeth Sewell, Cheryl Bates, Catherine Cassayre, Christine Castro, Carolina Webster, Julia Feng, Lisa Wasilewski, Brian Sugar, Claudia Sandoval, Anjanette Lundell, María Pérez, Yvonne Sarles, Jason Angell, Ivy Burg, Noel Contreras, Jesse Burlan, Wendy Chávez, Gabriela Lozano, Denise Gil, Melinda Moye, Maegan Leslie Torres, Jill K. Melosh, Nancy Guan, María Elena Sandoval, Celia Torres, Karen An-Mianton, Martha Page, Robert Page, Robin Estrada, Tracie Suguyama, Julian García, Jolie Kalvaria, Paulette Elliot, Eva Weppner, David Linares, Diane Preptas, Anna Herrer, Lupe Ortiz, Julia Swenson, Margarita Quezada, Jesús Quezada, Rochelle Romer, Aaron Hand, Diane Wakehan, James Stroke, Jeanette Camacho, Shannon Cody, Cecilia Márquez, Maria Abundis, Maria Stockton, Carolyn Foley, Kim Novello, Wendy Gapastione, Christina Wade, Elle Koleckar, Brian Rabkin, Alice Harkay, Meghan Pirozzoli, Beatriz Cerrillo, David Millon, Nell Douglas, Lupe Guzmán, Matthew Cameron, Claudia Aguilar, Andrea Parsi, Fraser Street, Elizabeth Flegel, Tracy Chad, Roma Olvera, Mariana Hernández, Katie Comfort, Ana López, Yvonne DiSalaz, Marc Chiarini, Natalie, Maribel Chávez, JF Lacassve, Jennifer Advani, Mary Purcell, Julie Thompson, Katia Dunstan, Jana Jacobs, Kate Stevenson, Rebecca Kahl, Emilia Maraz, Ashley Gordon, América Reyes, Lindsay Holland, Imelda Barrer, Ann Hynecek, Sue Jorgenson, Mary Redner, Brooke Wagner, Donald Gale, Abid Kemal, Richard Porter, Sophia Schoemaker, Colleen Lewack, Julie Tao, Melissa Aden, Tonya Sparrow, María Isabel Villalobos, Ginny Miller-Bowen, Martha Beetley, Anne Boyd Rabkin, Mary Martínez, Vaughn Fuelling, Erin Crescenti, Donna Leaf, Stacie Ciraulo, Andy Copperman, Kirsten McMullen, Cameron Hoffman, Christina Granato, Mayrell Palmer, Marquita Druker, Pedro García, Jude Noyes, Merrily Robinson, Esther Cancha, Karen Siegler, Linda Costa, Lauren Zalabak , Jennifer Scott, Christine Yoshimoto, Gloria Comfort, Emily Lowe, Lori Torreanu, Karen Renkel, Mariya McMills, Lydia Snare, Carol Marque, Margie Lawson, Marilyn Ezrin, Luis Gochez, Zena Fadel, Elena Villacorta, Lorena Ventura, Stephanie Noon, Lisa Silberman, Lucy Wicks, Tina Mercer, Tracy DaCosta, Esther Selk, Kendall Klein, Sabrina Adler, Jennifer Erskine, Kate Verges, Tanaya Mills, Leslie Daniele, Ellen Woolf Jacobson, Warren Sedar, Meredyth Hile, Alison Oldford, Kevin M. Sugar, Cathy James, Sarah Cullum, Rhea Yauch, Chauntelle Tretz, Justin Greene, Michelle Beutler, Carolyn Williams, Susan Schwarz, Leslie Stafford, Danielle Kazmierczak, Amy Barstad, Susanne Ruiz Dunlap, Frances Bergland, Rosemary Wood, Pam Barasch, Leslie Crane, Liz García, Carol Anne Bauman, Shana Hackworth, Michelle Ortez, Anna Rivoli, Nancy Dusery, Jennifer Nichols, Pati Ortiz, Derek Paul, Angela Malenfant, Rick Hunter, Gloria Rangel, Steve Osorio, David Licbes, Felicia Tse, Jennifer Overbey, Lillian O’Connor, Debbie Moore, Erika Esquivel, I. Aguilar-Figueroa, K. Della Chiesa, Kelly Noriega.

  1. Changes to the Agenda

No changes to the agenda.

  1. Approval of Agenda

The board approved the agenda as submitted, (Lawson, MacAvoy; 4-0)

  1. Oral Communication


  1. Special Session re: Superintendent’s Advisory Council

6.1 Recommendations from the Superintendent Advisory Council

Superintendent Baker welcomed those present and expressed that he would present information based on the various ideas developed by the Superintendent’s Advisory Council, comprised of parents and RCSD staff.

Superintendent Baker stated that the Redwood City School District has faced changes in the past and once again, faces changes due to the decrease in student population, change in demographics, and loss of funding due to low student enrollment. Superintendent Baker reiterated that he, as well as the School Board, understands that the current School District’s uncertainty is difficult; however, no decisions or recommendations have been made yet. Superintendent Baker clarified that this evening’s meeting was to obtain input from parents, staff, and community members and that at the November 28th board meeting; a final recommendation for approval would be presented to the School Board.

Superintendent Baker presented to the School Board over 24 different ideas.

Vice-President McBride thanked the Superintendent’s Advisory Council and Superintendent Baker, Jorge Quintana and Naomi Hunter for their hard work. Vice-President McBride commented that there was a lot of passion that was put into the decisions and a lot of sacrifices that were made.

Trustee MacAvoy thanked the Superintendent’s Advisory Council! Trustee MacAvoy added that she has replied to many emails and has attended many outside meetings and expressed that the level of work that went into the development of the ideas was apparent. Trustee MacAvoy commented that she is excited, yet terrified to make a decision for the Redwood City School District and community.

Trustee Lawson thanked the Superintendent’s Advisory Council Committee and acknowledged their time spent during the committee meetings and outside of the meetings. Trustee Lawson thanked the entire Superintendent’s Advisory Council Committee for their hard work!

President Díaz-Slocum thanked everyone who serves in the Superintendent Advisory Council and also thanked the Redwood City School District staff. President Díaz-Slocum expressed that she grew up in the Redwood City School District and has hopes that the District will rise to the top, despite its difficult times.

Speakers’ Cards in Order:

Christina Granato: What is the timeline for this process?

In response to Ms. Granto’s question, Superintendent Baker replied that the process would be moving quickly. Superintendent Baker added that a recommendation would be presented to the School Board for approval at the November 28th board meeting.

Luis Góchez, RCSD parent, commented that some of the ideas presented were great; however, he expressed his opposition to closing the summer school program. Mr. Góchez added that the summer school program prevents students from engaging in illegal activities in the street. Mr. Góchez thanked the School Board and Superintendent Baker for accepting comments from parents.

Katie Comfort, RCSD parent, thanked the School Board and Superintendent Baker for creating this process. Ms. Comfort expressed that there is an intentional planning for the future and reiterated the importance of including the input from teachers.

Marc Charini, Adelante Spanish Immersion School parent, asked if there is research data in which the Redwood City School District could tap into, based on Redwood City’s gentrification and growth to determine how enrollment shifts through time and how enrollment shifts to private schools during the years that cities gentrify. Mr. Charini expressed that the Redwood City School District would face other pressures in years to come, including declining enrollment.

Cherrill Roth, community member, addressed the School Board by asking if the Bond Program process for all 16-school sites will be affected by the future decisions to consolidate the School District?

In response to Ms. Roth’s question, Vice-President McBride replied that the construction process has slowed down for all 16-schools until a recommendation is brought to the School Board for approval.

Carol Anne Bauman, commented that she served in the Budget Sub-Committee and thanked the School Board and Superintendent Baker for listening to everyone’s ideas. Ms. Bauman expressed that having looked at the ideas through an economic standpoint, she wanted to let everyone know that each and every one’s schools matter and that the possibility of closing schools is not a topic that was taken lightly.

Jill Melosh, commented that she cares about every school in the Redwood City School District

Carly (no last name provided), RCSD parent asked if the School District is negotiating better deals. Carly asked what could be done to lower costs.

Superintendent Baker announced that there would be two additional community forums on the ideas that were presented to parents and staff this evening.

Superintendent Baker reiterated that there needs to be a consolidation of Redwood City School District schools and added that a recommendation, along with a timeline would be presented to the School Board on November 14th for discussion. Superintendent Baker added that the School Board would have to vote on a recommendation at its November 28th board meeting. Superintendent Baker added that both November 14th and 28th board meetings would be held at different locations to house a large number of attendees.

  1. Adjournment (Action Required)

The board adjourned the meeting at 9:45 p.m. (Lawson/MacAvoy; 5-0).

Janet Lawson, Clerk