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Parent-Led Organizations

Support RCSD Schools and be Involved in Your Child’s Education

Parents are critical partners not only in the education of their own children, but in developing a strong school community.

The Parent Teacher Associations (PTAs), Parent Teacher Organizations (PTOs), and other Parent-led groups serve as integral partners in fostering a thriving school community. Aligned with the Mission, Vision, and Values of RCSD, these organizations demonstrate an unwavering commitment to serving all students. Their collaboration with individual school sites is essential, as they work diligently to develop and implement programs and experiences that echo the school district’s values--Innovation, Student Voice, Equity, Engagement, and Partnerships.

This alignment with the mission, vision, and values ensures a seamless integration of efforts, creating a cohesive and supportive environment for students. These parent-led organizations serve as catalysts for positive change, enhancing the educational journey for all students by actively engaging with the school community and contributing to its overall success.

Parent-led organizations advocate on behalf of schools with local and state government, they raise funds and provide enrichment programs, and partner with the district to provide parent education programs.

Parents join PTAs and PTOs to be actively involved in supporting the education of children. PTAs and PTOs fulfill many roles, including:

  • Leading fundraisers

  • Recruiting and serving as volunteers

  • Providing enrichment programs

  • Building community connections

  • Serving on advisory councils and committees

  • Offering safety and emergency preparedness assistance

Join Parent-led Organizations:

There are individual PTOs and PTAs at most RCSD schools. Each is a separate entity of the District and school that partners with their school to provide support. Contact each PTA or PTO below to be involved in your child’s school.

School Organization
Adelante Selby Spanish Immersion School Unidos PTO
Clifford School Clifford PTO
Garfield Community School

Supported by the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)

Henry Ford Elementary School Henry Ford PTA
Hoover Community School Supported by the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)
Kennedy Middle School Kennedy Cougars PTO
McKinley Institute of Technology (MIT)  

North Star Academy

NSA Parent Club
Orion Alternative Elementary School Starship Orion
Roosevelt Elementary School Roosevelt PTA
Roy Cloud School Roy Cloud PTO
Taft Community School Supported by the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF)
Special Education Special Education PTA of Redwood City (SEPTAR)