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Opportunities to Engage with Our District

Redwood City School District (RCSD) teachers, staff, administrators and the students we serve invite you to become actively involved in shaping the future of RCSD schools and its surrounding community. Whether you're a dedicated parent, a community member, a supportive business owner, or a conscientious taxpayer, your engagement is vital to the success of our school district and the overall community served by the school district. 

We invite you to peruse the opportunities listed below in how you can engage with RCSD and learn more about your local public schools.

District Committees

RCSD districtwide committees serve as a bridge between the community and RCSD leadership, offering valuable perspectives, insights, and recommendations on various aspects of education. By participating in these committees, you have the opportunity to contribute your ideas, expertise, and passion to help enhance the quality of education for all Redwood City children.

We invite you to apply for membership on the committees of your interest listed below. Once a seat opens, staff will contact you. 

Citizens' Bond Oversight Committee Membership

The Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is charged with reviewing and reporting to the public the uses of bond proceeds to ensure that they are spent only on permissible purposes. If you are interested in participating, please apply. Once a seat becomes available, district staff may contact you. 

Measure U Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

The Measure U Parcel Tax Oversight Committee oversees the special taxes collected pursuant to the Measure to ensure that moneys raised under this Measure are spent only for the purposes described in this Measure. If you are interested in participating, please apply. Once a seat becomes available, district staff may contact you. 

Share Your Story

Are you an RCSD alum? Share your story and inspire our current RCSD students. 

Your journey after graduating from Redwood City School District (RCSD) has undoubtedly been filled with remarkable experiences, achievements, and challenges.

Engage with Our Superintendent

All community members benefit from the success of their local public schools. RCSD encourages community members to learn more about district strategic work by engaging with our Superintendent. 

Why should all community members, including non-parents, get involved?

The answer lies in the understanding that a strong educational system benefits everyone. When schools thrive, communities thrive. Here's why:

Economic Prosperity:

Businesses benefit from having a skilled workforce, which is cultivated through quality education. By supporting our schools, we invest in the future workforce and economic stability of our own local community.

Social Cohesion:

Schools are not just educational institutions; they are hubs of community life. Strong schools foster a sense of belonging and unity among all residents. Engaging with schools allows community members to build connections, strengthen social bonds, and create a more cohesive society.

Property Values:

Schools are a cornerstone of desirable neighborhoods. Property values are often influenced by the reputation and performance of local schools. By actively participating in school committees and supporting educational initiatives, community members can help maintain or increase property values within the district.

Civic Responsibility:

Education is essential for nurturing informed and engaged citizens. By supporting schools, community members contribute to the development of future leaders, problem-solvers, and active participants in democracy. A well-educated community is better equipped to address societal challenges and drive positive change.

By investing in our schools, we invest in the prosperity, cohesion, and future of our Redwood City community as a whole.