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Flyer (Peachjar) Information & Guidelines

Requests to Publicize Events, Activities or Services to RCSD Students and Families

Redwood City School District (RCSD) is frequently contacted by organizations, sports teams, and individuals wishing to promote or publicize events, activities or services to our students via flyers, school fences. Such requests may or may not be approved, depending on whether they meet the requirements of Board Policy 1325 and Administrative Regulation 1325, as described below:


The district is contracting with a company called Peachjar to distribute flyers electronically whenever possible. All flyer requests must be submitted to Peachjar through the School website or link below, and Peachjar will forward the flyers to the District for approval or denial, according to Board Policy 1325. RCSD requirements for flyer approval include:

  • All flyers that are not generated by RCSD or its 12 schools must include the following disclaimer: The Redwood City School District does not endorse and is not responsible for any business, services or event advertised in this flyer.
  • All promotional materials must be submitted to at least two weeks prior to distribution.
  • Flyers must be translated into Spanish, and offered in both English and Spanish. Please include the disclaimer in Spanish as well:
    El Distrito Escolar de Redwood City no promociona y no es responsable de ninguno de los negocios, servicios o eventos anunciados en este volante.
  • Flyers must meet all the criteria described in Board Policy 1325.

Once your flyer is posted to a school's Peachjar site, parents can view your flyer through the Peachjar logo on the school website. Additionally, your flyer will be delivered to all parents' emails as an embedded image, not a link. This means parents will immediately see your flyer and be able to click through to your website to sign-up.

Peachjar charges a fee for this service that is typically much less than the cost to copy and deliver flyers to each school. To post a flyer, register at, and select your desired school(s). Your flyer is then automatically submitted to the district for approval. Once approved, your flyer will be delivered to all parents and posted online.