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Fence Banner Guidelines

Requests to Publicize Events, Activities or Services to RCSD Students and Families

The Redwood City School District is frequently contacted by organizations, sports teams and individuals wishing to promote or publicize events, activities or services to our students via flyers, school fences. Such requests may or may not be approved, depending on whether they meet the requirements of Board Policy 1325 and Administrative Regulation 1325, as described below:

Banners on school fences

The District charges $250 to all outside organizations wishing to hang banners on school fences. The fee will be waived for partner organizations with whom we have a memorandum of understanding, such as the Redwood City Education Foundation or the Redwood City Parks and Recreation Department. Organizations requesting to hang a banner need to fill out a Facilities Use Form, available from the Redwood City School District Facilities Department at 650-482-2238.

Banners will be approved or declined according to Board Policy 1325. Approved banners must be hung by the District facilities staff. Principals may approve banners that are directly related to their school, for example a banner promoting an upcoming play or school-sponsored event. There is no fee for banners directly related to school business, and such banners may be hung by school staff or parent volunteers. Approved banners may hang for no more than 30 days. The District has the right to immediately remove any banner that has not gone through the proper approval process.