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    About Me



    I have been with Redwood City School District for the past approximately 12 as a RSP teacher and teaching for approximately 15 years.  This year I am teaching RSP Language Arts, & Social Studies. MIT is a GREAT school and I sincerely like both this teaching position, the staff, and the students on this campus.  We are going to have a terrific year for 2016-2017.   



    The easiest and most efficient way to reach me is via email spillay@rcsdk8.net, or 650-366-3827 x 1119.   




    My Education



    I hold a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential, a Special Education Credential, a Single Subject Credential in Health Science with Masters Degrees in both Educational Psychology and Special Education, a CLAD certification, and an Autism Certification.  This is my third year at McKinley Middle School and I have found the staff to be unusually supportive to both the students and each other.  I am very happy in this position and am confident that the students will also feel this way. 






    Our RSP Language Arts program, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades, at MIT have as their foundation Language!, which is a strong research based and successful program for struggling readers.  The beginning lessons are basic, but they build a solid foundation in phonics and writing for our struggling readers.  We will then pick up the pace and give them challenges in different types of reading and writing, both individually and in collaborative groups.  We will supplement the program with components from Pearson Literature for California & Language, and Inside Language, Literacy and Content, National Geographic, which are the standard texts used for 6th grade students in our school district. We progress with similar material, parallel to the general education language arts classes, but with more depth and rigor addressing the new Common Core Standards.     






    RSP Math class also follows the general education math classes in the Glencoe McGraw-Hill program, California Mathematics, but with some modifications.  We progress with the same material, parallel to the general education math classes with more brief, depth, and rigor to accommodate our students.  






    RSP Social Studies is based upon History Alive!, The Ancient World by TCI.  Again, we will parallel general education classes and subject material, but with more depth to our investigations.  






    Our Nutrition class has as a foundation the University of California Cooperative Extension program Youth Development, a Division of Agriculture and Natural Resources, which focuses on gardening & nutrition for youth. We will be exploring good nutrition, eating habits, how good healthy food is produced, why certain foods are considered bad for us, how to keep our land and country healthy, clean, pollution free, and a healthier place for all of us to live in and sustain growth.  The sixth grade science curriculum focuses on Earth Science, thus following the California State Standards and Common Core Standards, we will emphasize the investigation of Earth as it pertains to the growing of healthy food and keeping ourselves, our families, and our environment heather and stronger for now and the future. This class has a science foundation with a light-weight approach that infuses fun and interest into the subject.    






    Note:  In all of these classes I use the term 'our' class to introduce our Assistant Teacher, Ms. Debbie, who is a strong and supportive staff member to all our students in these classes.  She has been with this district over thirty years and is powerful force of support for all of our RSP students in the classroom settings.  









    Homework Lessons 



     •These will vary depending upon the time of the year and needs of our students.  I will post on the web site directions for larger projects that might need family support an in-depth clarification.










    In class work 45% 



    Assessments 45% 



    Homework 10%