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    The simple act of walking to school provides a wealth of benefits. By joining neighbors and classmates on Friday mornings, you and your children can get exercise, build community, increase test scores, and take care of the environment.

    The walking school bus runs on a schedule along established routes rain or shine. The bus is led by adult volunteers wearing bright orange jackets, vests or hats. Students can walk with it from the beginning of the route or get picked up along the way. Parents are welcome, but not required, to join the walk. 

    Parent volunteers are the engine behind the Walking School Bus! Volunteering is easy and rewarding. Just let us know what time you usually leave your house and the route you take to school and we will help find other parents to share the route with you.
    Questions? Contact Heidi Von Briel.

    Routes and Timetables

    Orange Route

    The Orange route leaves Farm Hill Blvd and Emerald Hills Road.

    Schedule: Monday through Friday
    Parent Volunteer: Sophia LaSalle
    Blue Route

    The Blue route leaves Glennan Drive and Country Club Drive by 7:53am and stops at Glennan Drive and Bret Harte Drive at 8:00am.

    Schedule: Monday through Friday
    Parent Volunteers: Heidi Von Briel and Robin Bulati



    Green Route

    The Green route meets by Wilmington Way and the Temple entrance at 7:50am and the then Bret Harte Drive and Edgecliff at 8:00am.


    Schedule: Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday
    Parent Volunteers: Staci Homrig and Yvonne Sarles


    Walking School Bus FAQ
    What is the schedule?
    Each route has it's own schedule. Check the maps for a detailed schedule. All routes run on Friday mornings,
    rain or shine.
    How will I find the bus?
    Our adult volunteers wear a bright orange jacket, safety vest or hat, which makes them pretty easy to spot!

    Can my child go alone?

    Parents are welcome to join their child on the walk, but they are not required to do so! All children in grades K-8 are welcome. It is at the parent’s discretion to determine if their child is ready to participate.

    Is there a route near me? 
    There are 3 routes that currently serve Roy Cloud. The Green route begins on Wilmington Way. The Orange Route begins at Farm Hills Blvd. and Emerald Hills Road. The Blue route begins on Glennan Dr. and Country Club Drive.
    No route near you?
    Volunteering is easy. Tell us the time you normally leave your house and we'll create a custom route for you and help you find other parents to help. Questions? Contact Heidi von Briel.

    Why should I participate?

    Increased physical activity, weight reduction, improved test scores, improved mood, a stronger community, a healthier environment, less traffic congestion, and a less stressful Friday morning!

    Does my child have to walk the entire route?

    No. You can meet the bus anywhere along the route. Safe transfer is very important so we ask that parents ensure their children are safely in the care of the adult volunteer. Volunteers are not responsible for children between their home and the designated Walking School Bus (WSB) pick-up points.

    What if I am running late?

    Our volunteers cannot wait for children because it will make them arrive late to school. Like a regular school bus, if you “miss the bus”, it is your responsibility to get to school. To avoid missing the bus, students can be waiting on the route (much like we waited for the school bus when we were children) before the scheduled bus time.

    How should I prepare my child?

    Make sure your child has a solid understanding traffic safety. You also should be clear that participating in the walking school bus is contingent upon staying close to the adult volunteer and listening to his/her directions. For safety reasons, children who do not follow the volunteer’s direction will lose the right to participate.

    How do I volunteer?

    There are many ways to support this program! You can volunteer to lead a route, help to identify and eliminate physical barriers, keep watch if a route passes your house or slow down when you drive. Together we can contribute to a successful program and safer community! If you want to volunteer, contact Heidi von Briel.

Last Modified on September 25, 2017