• Safe Routes To School

    Safety on the way to and from school is certainly a big aspect of our everyday life – whether your kids are walking, cycling or need to be driven - we want to make sure that every aspect of the program keeps your kids safe.

    The simple act of walking to school provides a wealth of benefits. By joining neighbors and classmates on the indicated mornings, you and your children can get exercise, build community, increase test scores, and take care of the environment.


    The walking school bus runs on a schedule along established routes rain or shine. The bus is led by adult volunteers wearing bright orange jackets, vests or hats. Students can walk with it from the beginning of the route or get picked up along the way. Parents are welcome, but not required, to join the walk. Parent volunteers are the engine behind the Walking School Bus! Volunteering is easy and rewarding. Just let us know what time you usually leave your house and the route you take to school and we will help find other parents to share the route with you.  


    If you are interested in walking in one of our bus routes, volunteering on one of the existing routes or want to stay informed on upcoming walking days, like the Earth Day Walk, International Walk to School Day, or the Golden Sneaker challenges, click here to fill out this short questionnaire or email our coordinator, Heidi von Briel, directly. 


    Want to learn more? Click here to download your copy of Walking to School Safety Tips. 



Last Modified on September 24, 2019