• Enrollment


    Residents within the Redwood City School District attendance area are eligible to apply.  Children from income-eligible families receive State-subsidized services while other families may enroll and pay full tuition.  Due to the large demand for our programs, families may be placed on a waiting list for a space.  (Program size is limited by licensed capacity at each site and state subsidy funds).
    Cost: $1125 full time, private
              $595 part-time, private

    Enrollment priorities for subsidized spaces are based on need as defined by the State of California.  We must consider household size and income, status of parent employment or schooling, parent or child disability and other need factors.  Families must provide documentation of household income or other needs.  Please talk with us about your specific family situation.

    English Application Form


    Spanish Application Form/ Forma de Solicitud en Español