The administration and staff at Taft Elementary School believe that in an effort to ensure that all students have equal access to a quality education, school should be a pleasant and safe environment for everyone.  The students will have the opportunity to develop a strong sense of responsibility for their own rights and those of others.  In order to provide this, the following will be enacted:

    1.    Respect yourself, others and property
    •    Leave other people’s property alone
    •    Follow adult directions
    •    Use appropriate language: no swearing, backtalk and arguing
    •    Keep school grounds and bathrooms clean
    •    Use polite language: please, thank you, excuse me, are you all right?

    2.    Keep your hands, feet and other body parts to yourself.
    •    No contact sports of any kind; only Flag football
    •    No horseplay or chicken fights of any kind
    •    No physical or aggressive conduct

    3.   Stay in appropriate areas.
    •    Stay behind the blue line
    •    Use a hall pass if a teacher does not accompany you
    •    Stay away from parking lot and construction areas
    •    Receive adult permission to retrieve a ball from an unauthorized area: construction zone, street   behind the blue line
    •    Stay off the grass when the field is wet or muddy
    •    Only go into bathroom when need

    4.   Use equipment appropriately
    •    Slide: go down ONLY, feet first, one at a time
    •    Stay on your bottom on the slide
    •    Tanbark: keep tanbark inside play area
    •    Do not throw tanbark
    •    No running in the tanbark
    •    Games: must have flags to play football
    •    Basketball 10 children for a full court
    •    All games: agree on rules before playing
    •    Games are open to everyone
    •    Balls: do not sit on balls or throw at others to hurt them
    •    Keep balls off of the roof by not kicking them towards the buildings. No bouncing balls against walls unless in designated blue handball areas

    On the yard:
    Breaking of rules 1 or 2:  
    •    Student receives discipline referral
    •    Student is sent directly to administrator
    •    Administrator determines action (conference with administrator-suspension)

    Breaking of rules 3 or 4:
    •    Student receives a discipline referral
    •    Placed in the box for the remainder of recess
     For rules 1 & 2 data will be kept in the office.  

    Between 3 and 5 referrals in a trimester:
    •    Administrator meets with student
    •    Parents brought in for conference
    •    Students will be given community service during recess (helping in cafeteria, working on school beautification, tutoring, library, etc…)

    More than 5 referrals:
    •    Stronger action will be taken which will be determined on an individual basis.

    For rules 3 & 4, data will be kept by the classroom teacher.

    3-5 referrals in a trimester:
    •    Administrator meets with student
    •    Student is in the box for 2 days (including all recess time)

    More than 5 referrals:
    Parents brought in for conference
    •    Parent conference
    •    Stronger action will be taken, action will be determined on an individual basis

    Each classroom has the same classroom rules:

     1) Be respectful
     2) Make good decisions
     3) Solve your problems.

    Each classroom has a set of consequences, which must be clearly communicated to the students.  The consequences should be appropriate to the infraction.  Classroom rules and consequences must be posted in the room.

Last Modified on September 19, 2013