• About Orion

    Orion School is a partnership of parents, teachers and community serving children throughout Redwood City School District. The focus is on a curriculum that contributes to the maximum development of the 'whole' child. The goal is to instill in each child a love of learning, as well as the confidence and skills necessary to meet future challenges.

    Our small school size ensures that teachers share information so that all children receive personal understanding and a thoughtfully designed education. Each child is viewed as a unique individual with his/her own unique style and rate of growth. An integrated curriculum that is hands-on and experiential, incorporating a variety of off-site learning opportunities, while simultaneously adhering to mandatory California State Standards, helps children form real-life connections to classroom learning.

    Parents are expected to participate in classroom or school activities, parent education and school leadership activities during the year. Parents may work in the classroom or help with activities outside the classroom a minimum of 2 hours a week (total of 72 hours for one child; 108 hours for two or more children).